It's with full hearts and stomachs that Iain & I (Hi! I'm Jason!) bring you the news that this will be the last Planet Beet show on Breakthru Radio. We've had a great run, with this being the 378th show, over nearly 8 years, every Wednesday, and we genuinely feel that the quality hasn't dropped. Of course, you lot may feel completely differently, haha! We love the music that we've played. Well, Iain mainly likes the slower, more boring acoustic ones, and I like the faster, more exciting ones, but between us we hope that all the bands that we've supported have appreciated having someone on their side. And the same goes for the audience. I can tell that it's going to be a great year. Good luck to you, the listeners, good luck to the bands, and good luck to all our friends at Breakthru Radio. I'll still be here every Tuesday and Saturday, with Seal Of Approval and Live @ Old School Studios, so hopefully I can still count on your votes; I mean, to listen to the shows.. But vote for me as well by all means. :o)
This week, our heroes open the show in their new language! If you can understand what they're saying, you get a prize! Oh boy! They play new tracks from Rats As Big As Dogs, The Lovemenots, and The Muffs, from their Album Of The Month. Also, other stuff.
It's a bran noo year, and with it comes the same old crap that we churn out the rest of the time. Oh boy! Highlights include Album Of The Month from The Baron Four, two tracks from The Muffs that had to be cut from recent shows, and brand new stuff from Motobunny, Swimsuit Addition, and Rope Store (featuring Mr Jason).