Today we review Spencer Krug’s fourth album under the moniker Moonface, Julie with Blue Jeans On. Released by Jagjaguwar on October 29th, the record offers a unique addition to extensive discography of Krug, who has been in many bands such as Wolf Parade, Swan Lake, Sunset Rubdown, and more. Julia with Blue Jeans On diverges substantially from his past endeavors, it is a stripped down album that features only piano and vocals. We’re not entirely convinced.
Erik Paparazzi has been recording and touring in various incarnations of The Paparazzi since way back. His heroes are the underdogs of pop like Harry Nilsson, Nick Lowe, Todd Rundgren, Lee Hazelwood, Brian Wilson, and all the other musical visionaries who can get down with happy accidents, soul power, and the lushness of it all. And his experiences performing with the likes of Cat Power, Dirty Delta Blues, and other notable acts informs his powerful solo work. Here, he catches up with Travis, talks about his work, and offers a rousing interpretation of a perhaps-familiar commercial.
This talented artist made the trek from his home in Switzerland to The States and is making a name for himself in the jazz community.
An eclectic jazz artist and Berklee grad, Gabriela Martina has just release a new EP and we’re thrilled to learn more about the artist behind the music.