The highly anticipated video game allows users to explore 18 quintillion fully developed planets. The creators write that the game was inspired by chief architect Sean Murray’s experience growing up in the remote wilds of the Australian Outback.
Surface Week – Brian Hynek, Associate Professor at the Department of Geological Sciences and Research Associate for Laboratory Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, is part of an ambitious, nomadic yearning: Mars.
Scientific experts screened the TV show ‘Cosmos’ and introduce an educational atmosphere to an audience at Videoglogy, a bar in Brooklyn. Neighborhood astronomer, Dr. Kennet E. Flores, transformed the screening room into a university lecture hall.
Today’s break down: We hear about the complicated interplay of science and religion during the scientific revolution by physicist, Steven Weinberg.
Today’s break down: Steven Weinberg speaks about some of the greatest ideas we had to “unlearn” in order to develop the modern science we know today.
Today’s break down: Steven Weinberg begins us on a the journey of human scientific thought with the pre-socratic era of the scientific hypothesis.
Throwback Week – For as long as humans have lived beneath the mysterious cloak of the cosmos, we have gazed upward and wondered: how did it all begin? A new model eliminates the beginning of time as we know it.