In 2001, after 9/11, U.S. politicians instructed Americans to grieve and mourn the national tragedy in the most American of ways: They told us to go shopping. This call for consumption as a patriotic response to the 9/11 attacks baffled my guest, photographer Brian Ulrich, and inspired him to start what became a ten-year project investigating the phenomenon of American consumerism.
This week on Art Uncovered: French filmmaker Laure Flamarion. She is the co-director of the new film "Somewhere to Disappear." The film follows renown photographer Alec Soth as he travels across America in search of men living on the margins of society. Laure and her co-director Arnaud document Alec as he meets and photographs an intriguing cast of modern day hermits living in caves, mountain cabins, and in remote swaths of desert.
This week on Art Uncovered I speak with French photographer Céline Clanet. Over the last six years Céline has been traveling to Mazi, a small village in Norwegian Lapland, located in the arctic circle, to photograph the Sami people--- one of the only indigenous arctic communities of continental Europe.
My guest this week is artist Jason Burch, maker of photographs, videos and collages that examine the surreal intersections between the natural and man-made environment. A lot of Jason's projects are set in construction sites and housing developments around New Jersey, and this week I talked with him about exploring these spaces and the projects that have come as a result.