Molly does her best at a 2016 year in review that doesn’t make us want to cry, our final Just John installment channels a stoner conversation, and a thank you and happy new year to the listeners. Photo credit: Mindy Tucker
Female-fronted folk from Orenda Fink to Maria Taylor, plus exciting new tracks from the Allah-Las and Nots, and more on the show today!
Meet Dulls, the Philadelphia-based group inspired by your favorite ‘90’s grunge bands. They’ll hit you hard with nostalgia, all while simultaneously giving you music like nothing you’ve heard before!
free cake for every creature, with its adorable and almost sickly sweet name, is bringing twee back. Katie P. Bennett’s indie pop music, filled out by a full band that manages to play about as quietly as possible, has about as much of a 90s K Records vibe as any group of millennials could possibly muster. While references and nods are likely intentional to some extent, we’re forced to believe that Bennett really is just laying her soul out there honestly, sharing her own stories of love and confusion (you know, “growing up” stuff) in the most melodic way possible. Her soft-spoken vocals hook you from the start and make you ache for the rest of the story. The band stopped by the studio for this live look at one of their new album’s most memorable tracks. Talking Quietly Of Anything With You is available now from Double Double Whammy. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview. Follow free cake for every creature on Facebook and Twitter. Now you can watch us on your iPhone or iPad! Check out the BTRtoday App!
We chat with Ron Gallo from Nashville, Tennessee. His cynical lyrics and catchy rhythms will make him your new musical obsession.