BTR chats with Baltimore-Based indie rockers, The Milestones. They draw from a variety of influences, including ambient rock, blues, and alternative.
Reality Week - We at BTR have made the effort to experience locations like the Jersey shore’s Shore Store to New Orleans’ Cafe du Monde, both on screen and off. What were these places like in real life as opposed to on TV or in movies? Read to find out.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR checks out US landmarks from the Washington Monument to Central Park, as well as the Vietnam War Memorial, the Brooklyn Bridge, and even the view from the top of the Empire State Building.
DRGN KING began as an experimental studio collaboration between Philadelphia-based songwriter Dominic Angelella and producer Ritz Reynolds. Eventually morphing into a quartet before shifting lineups around, DRGN KING now finds Angelella with a fresh crop of musicians giving life to the project's catchy psych-pop songs. The foursome stopped by Let 'Em In Music in Gowanus, Brooklyn, to share some tunes and talk a bit about the inspiration and history of the music.