This week we’re revisiting the live Disco Biscuits concert from last year’s New Years Eve at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia. Set two gives us an incredibly long and satisfying “Nughuffer” and “Bernstein and Chasnoff.”
New Years Eve concerts are beginning to be announced, including The Disco Biscuits who will be at Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre this year. In honor of the band that never stops we’re checking out set one of their New Years Eve show last year from the Tower Theater in Philadelphia.
Seriously... this Alt-Country mix is off-the-chain. Do people still say off-the-chain? Well, if they did, that's how they'd describe this mix!
Travis Harrison, the owner of Serious Business Studios, interviews Jake of Strawberry Hands. Now a solo project in New York, Strawberry Hands was formerly a duo/collective out of Philadelphia. Besides fielding Travis's questions on topics ranging from his musical style to various bodily functions, Jake also performs "Ten Darkened Chambers" and "Holly." [youtube][/youtube]
Super Bowl XLV is right around the corner so we set out to ask people what their favorite Super Bowl memories are, and why (or if) the Super Bowl is important to them. Learn how the Jets losing might have been good for New York's population count, if not its morale. [youtube][/youtube]