Sidney Mullis lives and works in State College, PA. Her work has been exhibited in a number of locations including Berlin, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. She has had solo shows at the Leslie…
Matt Ruby chats w/ Dr. Jonathan Fader about performance psychology. Winston & J on the new movie, ‘Jonathan.’ And a sneak preview of Farao’s upcoming BTR Live Studio session.
Jo Weldon threw a cat-themed burlesque party in Coney Island!
Nap Eyes stopped in Brooklyn for a show at Elsewhere before heading out to Europe.
M. Kardinal lives and works as a freelance artist and photographer in Berlin. She works with photography, moving images and multimedia installation.
Adding cross-training to your routine can get the benefits of running without the harmful impact.
Poetry reading “whores” celebrated the 10 year anniversary of their brothel at Brooklyn’s House of Yes.