Comedy Week – A live show uses poetry for its hilarious and touching improv sketches.
Comedy Week – We talk with BTR’s Spit Take Comedy podcast host George Flanagan about his days as a stand-up comedian.
Comedy Week – A performer uses comedy to spread awareness of the deaf community.
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Steampunk culture thrives throughout the country, and entails interesting aesthetics, morals, music, and more about Victorian-era science fiction.
Seanna Sharpe made a splash when she took her aerial act high above the East River of New York City, performing suspended from the Williamsburg Bridge in 2011. Now she’s director of Urban Aerial NYC, a company of aerial artists who perform regularly in New York. Additionally, she’s founded Katana Flight School, an educational program teaching at-risk youth and underprivileged children aerial dance and acrobatics. Here, she discusses both organizations, as well as her own experiences as an aerialist.