On this week’s episode of BTR Pulse, new correspondent Sarah Fraser hits the streets of New York to ask people what advice they’d give to their younger selves.
New music from Deer Tick and old music from Deer Tick are a part of today's mix.
CitiBike, New York City's new bike share program, is launching in Manhattan and Brooklyn on Memorial Day. Despite early popularity of the idea, some New Yorkers have expressed unhappiness with the placement of some of the 300 bike share dock stations. This week on BTR Pulse, Lauren Hawker asks people in New York their thoughts.
The landscape of professional sports changed on Monday, April 29th, when NBA center Jason Collins revealed in an interview with Sports Illustrated that he is gay. Collins is the first active player in the history of major U.S. team sports to come out as openly gay. As opinions from notable NBA stars, as well as other well-known personalities, began rolling in, BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker asked people about the historical timing of this announcement and what the future may hold for sports and sexual orientation equality.
On Tuesday, April 16th, a committee of New York Assembly lawmakers approved a bill to legalize marijuana for medical needs. If the bill should eventually pass into law, New York State would join several other US states where doctors are certified to authorize marijuana use for patients with serious medical conditions. This week on BTR Pulse, Lauren Hawker asks people in New York their thoughts on making medical marijuana available and whether there are benefits in legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch passed away on February 1st at the age of 88. Taking office in the late Seventies, when the city was largely considered broken down and in need of a renewed spirit, Koch took on crime and graffiti, budget problems, and affordable housing needs, as well as -- infamously to many -- the AIDS epidemic and race relations. This week on BTR Pulse, we ask New Yorkers how Koch and his three terms will be remembered.
New York is currently experiencing its worst flu season in three years. According to the state's Health Department, nearly 20,000 people are experiencing flu-like symptoms, which has led Governor Andrew Cuomo to declare a statewide public health emergency. This week on BTR Pulse we ask people in New York if about flu shots and whether they’re worried about the severity of this epidemic.