Wednesday on BTR means DJRePete. Tune in for upbeat alternative from You Say France And I Whistle, a beat via Dice Raw of The Roots-fame, and new music from The Dø. And don’t miss artists playing Australia’s Falls Music & Arts Festival, including BTR newcomer The Head and the Heart. Plus recording news from Boston’s Swedish Suicide. Escape the holiday madness today with DJRePete on BTR!
DJRePete closes the door on November with alt rock from Surfer Blood, electronica from Vega, and look back at a few bands who hit the metaphorical ‘airwaves’ last year. And speaking of Wavves, tune in to hear about a unique set of shows the band is playing, appropriately on the water. And while the thermometer spells cold in the northern hemisphere, festival season is just starting down-under where Stereosonic is currently going down; get the scoop. Catch it all today on your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete!