Todd Miller on Trump and the border, the dangers of using deaths of US citizens to attack sanctuary city policies, and listener mail. Photo credit: Courtesy of Todd Miller
Frontline’s Arun Rath on his new Guantanamo Bay documentaries, and the lack of attention on the alt-right's first mass shooter. Photo credit: John Knefel
Bryce Covert on Trump’s cabinet picks, and listener mail on liberal solidarity for the left.   Photo courtesy of Bryce Covert    
Alex Kane on abuses by guards in West Bank settlements, and listener mail on property destruction. Photo courtesy of Alex Kane
Trump’s bananas press conference, how ordinary Americans carry out atrocities every day, and listener mail on Miriam Webster.
More reports of Trump-Russia connections emerge, decades of Islamophobia in US politics have culminated in Trump, and a 23-year-old DREAMER is detained following an ICE raid. Photo credit: John Knefel