Bay Area Live goes on the road! I’m on tour with my band Face Tat, and while I was traveling through the Pacific Northwest, I recorded some of the killer bands I was playing with. I caught up with Kid In The Attic, a Brooklyn band, in Portland, Oregon. Gazelles played their hometown of Eugene, OR and I was lucky enough to catch that too. All that and more on this edition of Bay Area Live!
Monitoring Week – Oregon’s Mt Hood is revered for many reasons. But beyond all of the natural beauty, athletic endeavors, and cultural references, there is a grave geologic factor that must be acknowledged about Mt Hood: it is an active stratovolcano.
Dish + Drink checks out Rogue Brewery’s Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale. Rogue adds four types of malts and two different varieties of hops, yet both the quirky concept and bottle design lets the imbiber know that this beer was definitely not made for the brew purists and snobs.
An interview with Dustin Hill from the band Black Pussy, about psychedelics and unearthing songs