Joe revisits his February interview with Corey Rhyan, whose research calculated the economic cost of the opioid crisis to be more than $1 trillion since 2001.
In Part 2, Troy Quast discusses the dynamic nature of studying the opioid epidemic, differences in state foster care systems, how they'll be stretched over time and more.
Troy Quast returns to discuss his most recent study exploring the relationship between opioid prescriptions and child removal rates across the country.
A new report from the International Drug Policy Consortium details the destructive drug policy over the last decade.
Charlotte Shane joins us to discuss the problem with men and the bizarre framing of the incel phenomenon. Also, New York City moves to open a safer consumption site, and Trump’s supporters don’t…
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Corey Rhyan joins the show to discuss Altarum's recent report that estimates the economic toll of the opioid crisis since 2001 is more than $1 trillion.
In Part II, Troy Quast discusses the surge in illicit opioid use, comparing the effects on foster systems in other states, and potential solutions.
Troy Quast joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the effects of the growing opioid crisis on Florida's foster child care system.
It’s Martin Luther King Junior Day, Jesse Myerson is here to talk about the opioid crisis and Ahed Tamimi, and the reaction to Trump describing black countries as shitholes. Jesse Myerson, via…