Live @ Old School Studios: The Baron Four
SAM LEES - Well, what a lovely time I had meeting Sam and recording this session! Sam plays solo gigs around the Norwich area, and my glamorous some-time assistant Conor recommended him to me, saying "ooh, Sam Lees, his set is fun!". Which it is! Here's the proof, incase you're used to me lying.. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
THE WASH - Tonight is for fans of psych, prog, avante guarde, and other fantastic genres like that. The Wash is made up of David on guitar (who also drums in various bands), Shane (who is in Bavarian Rocket Groop), on keyboard & piano, and James Mason (no, not that one) also on guitar. Oh, and for one time only, there's a special handsome guest on bass, and a little bit of drums.. Stop it, I'm blushing.. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
METALLEG - Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
MORNING HAIR - I used to have a band with a similarly inspired name, called The Secret Hairdresser. I had shortish hair at the time, and some days I would wake up and my hair would be perfectly tousled and styled, as if there'd been a secret hairdresser in the night. When Morning Hair get older, if the band's still together when they start balding, they could always change their name to Mourning Hair. So, they've got that to look forward to.
TRACEY BROWNE - Tracey drove down from Manchester especially for the session, so count yourself lucky listeners. It was lovely to meet and hang out with her for a few hours, and I hope you enjoy the session.
BEST INTENTIONS - Well, we've got a fun set for you today, with Norwich's "Best Intentions" perking the place up with their punk pop type stuff. Conor and I were stage-diving off of the mixing desk, onto the lovely couch in the control room. It's OK, we'll get the mixing desk repaired before next week's session, so don't worry about that.
March! And the fact that the temperature is starting to rise as the UK Hip Hop show comes back is no coincidence. Sinista & Stark Note return with dope tracks from the likes of Ray Vendetta, Fliptrix and many more. The Four Owls recently returned with their sterling "Natural Order" offering and that is featured as our Album Of The Month. Cappo's "Spaz The World" is getting spun in Classic Corner and when you add that to everything else in this months show you come up with a phat sack of dopiness we hope you all enjoy.
BEN SMITH - This week's show is brought to you live on tape from Brooklyn's best venue, The Grand Victory! I was lucky enough to record a load of shows there last June, and I've gradually been bringing them to you bit by bit since then. This one's a doozy, featuring frontman from The Brought Low, the amazing Ben Smith. If you're wondering why the photos aren't from the gig, it's because I was busy doing the live sound mix, AND recording it separately to reel to reel tape, so I wasn't able to leave the booth to go down the front. You'll just have to use your imagination, or better still, why not go and see Ben playing a show? Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let's Radio!
EMILY WINNG - What an amazing Old School Studios Private Party it was! Kicking off this time we had the amazing Emily Winng, from Sargasso Trio, helped out by my Planet Beet co-host Iain, and Maria (Girl In A Thunderbolt), with added goodness from James & Ben Sargasso, and our friend Mark on the bassy guitar. Look out for Beast With A Gun next week!