Sunset Botanica is a Brooklyn-based company which makes shrubs, bitters, and other cocktail components. To help get in the holiday spirit, the owner of the company, Carlos Victoria, whips up a rum and vanilla old fashioned made with his handcrafted vanilla bitters. Music featured in this episode: "Playas Marinas" by Chico Trujillo Recipe: 2.0 oz Dark Rum 0.5 oz Simple Syrup 2 mL Bitter Sunset Vanilla Thrilla Bitters Add ice Stir for 30 seconds Pour into rocks glass Add ice to glass Garnish with orange twist
Johanna Botta gets a lesson in classic cocktails from Arya Hawkins-Zafarnia, a bartender at The Back Room. Check it out to learn how to make an Old-Fashioned! Music courtesy of Check out the history behind The Back Room on BreakThruTV. Follow The Back Room on Facebook and Twitter.