TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin are Trabajo. The duo have been busily posting tracks (free d/ls) to their bandcamp. Here their latest song which is tagged: experimental post punk choubi cyber sex punk ethnic noise taiwan. Listen. Downloadable: Black Practice (mp3) They also made this here creepy video for “Black Practice” out of an unedited sequence from The Giant of Metropolis. (Nobody tell Umberto Scarpelli, ok?) Watch. Streamable: Black Practice (youtube) Upcoming NYC Shows: February 11th @ Brooklyn Fireproof February 16th @ The Grand Victory March 11th @ Cake Shop April 11th @ La Sala Cultural Center Trabajo is on Bandcamp Trabajo is on Facebook Trabajo is on Trabajo is on Hype Machine Trabajo is on KimDawn BONUS: No Mind (mp3) via GIMME TINNITUS