This week Hanabi fooled himself into thinking he’d found an awesome new beer that was supposed to have been infused with flavor from tequila barrel staves. He was wrong. It’s called Oculto, and has a cool day of the dead inspired label. But, look closely at who makes it. Hanabi also got his Seattle sushi in check at The Gokan where they have a roll that comes in a margarita glass. WTF? Hanabi also got to check out some local Seattle geoduck from I Love Sushi . Hanabi also investigates the rise in on-demand food delivery from the likes of Postmates and asks “is it worth it?” Insane Dane wants you to try his recipe for Zoodles and langoustine tails. Noodles made from zucchini? Is this guy insane? Yes. He is. Check out the bands Aloha, The Ruby Suns and Yeah Yeah Yeahs