In an age of information abundance, is quality being buried at the expense of internet junk?
Have you ever envied the elegant fashions of the past? Well, for this week’s guests, their passion for vintage style became a porthole into a new way of life. A few years ago, Sarah Chrisman received a corset for her birthday from her husband Gabriel. Despite her reluctance to try it on, once she did, Sarah was hooked (pun very much intended). Instead of confinement, Sarah discovered confidence in her corset, and the ability to live the life she’d always wanted to lead. Last year, she released a book titled Victorian Secrets: What a Corset Taught Me about the Past, the Present, and Myself, detailing the couples experiences and discoveries. Now, she and Gabriel lead authentic Victorian lifestyles and work together to educate others about history from an active and engaged point of view. On today’s show, you’ll hear about Sarah’s corset collection, their beautiful historic wardrobes, lessons they’ve learned as they embrace the technology, culture, and traditions of the past, and more. Plus, a playlist sprinkled with new music releases today from the UK’s Wild Beasts, North Carolina folk pop group Lost In The Trees, Australian singer-songwriter Sally Seltmann, and more. So dust off your top hat and reserve the next space on your dance card for Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
New handheld ultrasound devices may be pushing the stethoscope into obsolescence.