A discussion of the Pete Buttigieg is a Lying MF piece, Obama’s disappointing ex-Presidency, and the upcoming impeachment hearings in the judiciary committee.
Morning John on the impeachment vote, Tim Morrison’s testimony, and Obama’s reactionary anti-wokeness. photo courtesy of United States Government via Wikimedia Commons
Ilhan Omar gets attacked for correctly pointing out that white men are more likely to commit acts of domestic terrorism than Muslims are, William Barr reinstates the federal death penalty, and servers…
The Trump administration wants to detain up to 4 million unaccompanied minors indefinitely rather than place them in the community, a US citizen was detained at the border for almost a month, and de Blasio is gallivanting around Radio Dispatch’s home state of Iowa while its adopted state of New York floods with superfund water. Homestead Florida Unaccompanied Minors photo courtesy of Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Refugee Resettlement via Wikimedia Commons  
The economy’s too good for him to lose and no one wants what mainstream democrats are offering.
A shooting at two mosques in New Zealand appears to have been committed by a white supremacist, more thoughts on Beto, and listener mail. Friday Prayer photo courtesy of Azim Khan Ronnie via…