The gun-loving network employs some of the trashiest hosts in media.
Today's show features music from Jamo Gang, UFO Fev & the Council.
Today's show features music from Lyric Jones, Shabaam Sahdeeq, White Owl and MeRCY.
Molly Knefel shares her thoughts on the response of the teens from Parkland, Florida, in the wake of the shooting at their school and points out that leaving the brunt of the fight solely up to them…
John is back from CPAC, and the conservatives’ reaction to the Parkland shooting was disturbing and instructive.    Wayne LaPierre photo by Gage Skidmore courtesy of
Rena and Matt on the kids from Parkland, Florida. Jacqueline Soller on 'Black Panther.’ John Knefel on how Trump’s bans are working. A preview of QTY’s BTR Live Studio session.
The teen survivors of the Parkland shooting ask Marco Rubio harder questions than most journalists ever have, we finally get to John’s Truthout article on refugee resettlement under Trump, and…
A pair of bad takes on the response to 9/11 in the era of Trump, and another one on letting gun owners lead the way. Max Boot Photo by US Naval War College courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Talking carefully about the reports that the shooter trained with a white supremacist group, and how the survivors are shaping the narrative. Also, all immigration bills fail in the Senate.