Are you sick of reading Ramen? Too bad. Because Dish and Drink's Rebecca Chodorkoff has developed a rating system, and she won't stop until she finds the perfect bowl.
It seems like New York City has a ramen spot on every corner. But the dish’s prevalence doesn’t temper Rebecca Chodorkoff's constant cravings, or her willingness to try new places in her search for the perfect bowl. Recently, she tried Yuji Ramen, in Williamsburg. Things got fishy.
In the spirit of comfort food for Happiness Week, I thought today would be the perfect time to share an update on a classic: spaghetti and meatballs. This isn’t your grandmother’s spaghetti and meatballs, though, because this recipe calls for a combination of summer squash and zucchini noodles as well as ground turkey instead of ground beef.
Over the course of the past year or two, zucchini pasta, or “zoodles,” have become quite popular. Zoodles are spaghetti-shaped zucchini slices and are much lower in carbohydrates than actual spaghetti. There are several ways to make these, but the most simple is to use a spirelli.
Yes, you read that right. Dish + Drink has in fact traveled to the beautiful country of Thailand and back again with the help of BTR's own Zach Schepis. He recounts his journey, which includes the spiciest curry he's tasted to date.
It may be June, but afternoon thunderstorms render grilling out of the question at least once a week. It’s best to be prepared to cook inside on the days that rain is likely. Instead of moping, I choose these days to throw together something simple that still feels elaborate.
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This Upper West Side restaurant offers a wonderful atmosphere.
This ramen spot in Harlem is trendy for good reason.
This ramen dish is spicy, savory, and even a little sweet all at once.