Night Moves
Enjoy a politics-free reprieve today on your BTR Wednesday with DJRePete, who is spinning a mix of new and nostalgic. Check out yet-to-be released music from Cuff the Duke, and brand new Free Energy and Dum Dum Girls. Plus, get the latest info on the upcoming Tomorrow Never Knows Fest going down January in Chicago. And hear about how a BTR band out of Long Island is coping in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Mixed in are a few choice throwbacks, as you do. Get over your election hangover with DJRePete and BTR!
Midweek on BTR means DJRePete and a mix that’s sure to please! Tune in to the solo endeavor by a member of Stereolab, new track by The Raveonettes, and a pair of throwbacks via Lost In The Trees and Cocoon. Plus autumn festivals to highlight: Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival in North Carolina and Festaal Kruezberg in Berlin. And fun with headphones for good measure. Check in with DJRePete on BTR!
While the primary debate surrounding vegetarianism focuses on food, there's a world of veg & vegan friendly fashion out there as well, including... leather?! Yes, even leather products can be ethically sensitive, as this week's guest, Belinda Pasqua, proves with her line of fashion-forward handbags. Belinda launched The Sway just a couple years ago, and the line of bags and jackets, created from upcycled motorcycle accessory scraps, has gained quick popularity. Her designs blend a funky, rock-inspired edge with classic shapes and cuts, and their scrap-based status appeals to meat-eaters and vegans alike. On this week's show, Belinda will talk about how growing up in Australia shaped her passion for nature, the path that led to launching The Sway, her sourcing and production methods, and evidence of growth in the eco-fashion industry. Plus, I've got brand new Grizzly Bear in the mix for you today, along with Mike Higbee, Helio Sequence, Night Moves, Deluka and more. So grab an edamame snack, stay tuned, and get ready to learn about a gorgeous line of leather accessories that's perfect for any diet!
There are two main summer emotions: fun and chill, and we cover both of those completely on the show today. The weather couldn't be hotter and the songs on here couldn't be cooler? Too much of a cliche? It's too hot to be original, so best to let these songs speak for me. Check out new tracks from the Corin Tucker Band, Eric Copeland, and Com Truise.