J.McVay joins the show to discuss the suspicious packages sent to prominent Democrats and how right wing media figures are painting the thwarted bombings as a false flag.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the potential electoral impact of Brett Kavanaugh's approval, limits of the FBI investigation and the vote moving onto the Senate floor.
Eoin Higgins returns to discuss Brett Kavnaugh's qualifications for the Supreme Court and what Democratic senators said about him more than 10 years ago.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to offer reactions to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's testimony yesterday, as well as perspective on the political reality of the proceedings.
The future of Roe v Wade may rest on a secret conversation captured by a news camera.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss today's bizarre news about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the potential significance of his firing, and an update on the most recent allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
Joe discusses the Trump-Putin press conference and why acting surprised gives Republicans an out.
Michael Barthel joins the show to discuss Pew Research Center's recent survey on determining factual and opinion statements in the news.
Joe talks about the week in news and the right's attempts to equate anti-journalist rhetoric with shouting at conservatives in public.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the Supreme Court upholding Trump's travel ban, voter enthusiasm with today's primaries, the family separation crisis' impact on midterm elections, and more.
J McVay joins the show to discuss the separation of migrant families at the southern U.S. border, the Trump administration's flailing rationales, the need for a more combative press corps, and more.
Paul Puri joins the show to discuss media coverage of mental illness and suicide and the depth required to adequately explore causation, stigma, and more.
Joe talks about why people shouldn't be continuously shocked by Donald Trump's authoritarian statements and rants about the religious rationalization of tearing families apart at the border.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the Trump-Kim summit, what the two leaders possibly could've talked about, and how partisanship has defined media coverage of the event.
Joe talks about his thoughts on the passing of Anthony Bourdain and touches on how the media discusses mental health and suicide.
Fellow BTR host J. McVay joins the show to discuss Roseanne Barr's racists tweets that led ABC to cancel her show.
In Part II, Rich Hanley discusses the NFL's role at the center of the culture war and how football's toxic masculinity and decline in youth participation threaten the game's future.
Rich Hanley returns to discuss the NFL's new rule forcing players to stand or stay in the locker room during the pregame national anthem.
Adam Johnson joins the show to discuss the way U.S. media's tendency to create power symmetry when covering violent events like the Palestinian protests in Gaza yesterday.
Brent Johnson joins the show to discuss the Supreme Court's decision allowing states to legalize sports gambling, and the impact where it all started—New Jersey.
Eoin Higgins returns to discuss why legacy media is so hellbent on portraying John McCain's as a "maverick" and glossing over the senator's problematic legacy during the senator's final days.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Rudy Guiliani's recent television appearances, why Trump doesn't care about the truth or credibility, what to expect from Korean negotiations, and more.
Joe discusses Fox News host Neil Cavuto's takedown of Donald Trump and why it's weird people are celebrating a news anchor for pointing out lies.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Trump's North Korean negotiations, James Comey's book promotion, and Sean Hannity's close connection to Trump and Michael Cohen. Dr. Steve Billet is the Director…
Joe discusses (and laughs at) the Washington Post article about Donald Trump's lies to get onto the "Forbes 400" list in the early-1980s.
Fellow BTRtoday staff writer Taia Handlin joins the show to discuss Paul Ryan's particularly ugly voting record on reproductive rights, as well as the implications of his retirement.
The FBI raided the office of Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen. What might Cohen know about Trump? How worried should the president be? Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss that and more.
Splinter's David Uberti joins the show to discuss secrecy of the Amazon HQ bidding war and the trouble local media outlets have in getting information about the bids.
Buzzfeed's Jane Lytvynenko joins the show to discuss the growing problem of Twitter hoaxes and misinformation in the wake of tragedies and shootings like the one at YouTube HQ on Tuesday.
Julian Routh joins the show to recap the PA-18 special election, the significance of Connor Lamb's victory, what to expect with a recount, and more.
With a race in the national spotlight, Connor Lamb etched out a narrow victory by staying focused on his district, not DC.
Joe discusses Betsy DeVos' brutal "60 Minutes" interview, the Trump administration discussing death penalties for drug dealers, and the death of conservative ideology.
In Part II, Dr. Steve Billet talks more about the White House operating in chaos, Trump's proposed tariffs on aluminum and steel, and the effects of a potential trade war on both the country and average consumers. 
Dr. Steve Billet joins the show to discuss student reaction to the Parkland shooting, Hope Hicks' resignation, normalizing the Trump administration, and more.
Oriana Leckert on the return of Gothamist. Jacqueline Soller on ‘Annihilation.’ Molly Knefel on the student survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, FL. A preview of Bell’s Roar’s BTR Live Studio session.
Joe discusses the recent activism of student survivors and the best byproduct of Donald Trump's presidency has been the political awakening and energizing of millennials. 
In Part II, Dr. Steve Billet discusses the details (or lack thereof) of Trump's infrastructure plan and the impact of the Rob Porter scandal for the White House.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Trump's proposed budget, its likelihood of passage, and why we should view budgets as political documents.
Janelle Jones joins the show to discuss her recent report that found Amazon Fulfillment Centers do not generate broad employment growth.
In Part II, Taia and Joe discuss James O'Keefe's book American Pravda, the tight-knit nature of the far right, and the information bubbles we find ourselves stuck in.
In the first part of their conversation, Taia and Joe recall attending James O'Keefe's book launch party for America Pravda and discuss the disingenuous tactics of Project Veritas.
Dr. Steve Billet joins the show to discuss the government shutdown, Democrat concessions, hypocrisy in Washington, and the latest rumors about Trump's personal life.
Joe discusses Donald Trump's comments about "shithole countries" and wonders why people, particularly in the media, hesitate to call the president racist.
In Part II, Dr. Steve Billet discusses the White House's possible objectives for 2018 and reaction to protests in Iran. Dr. Steve Billet is the Director of the Legislative Affairs Masters and Chief…
Michael Wolff’s book is juicy and fun, but it’s important to remember the sources.