Robert Ellis is a Texan singer-songwriter who sings with an old soul. While his songs have the feel of classic country, they appeal to modern ears with their true-to-the-heart lyrics and timeless aura. Here he performs his song, “Friends Like Those,” off his new album ‘Photographs.’
This week on BTR Pulse, to celebrate the announcement of a new bike share program in NYC via Alta Bicycle Share, we ask New Yorkers how they get to work. With all the bikes locked up all around town, we wanted to know who rides a bike to work, why they do or don’t, and if they’d consider riding more once the bike share launches.
Strolling around Madison Square Park in NYC’s Flatiron District, we ask people if any of the Republican candidates for President in the 2012 election cycle look enticing…
Fronted by Andrew Kenny (American Analog Set, Broken Social Scene) and including members of Matt Pond PA, the Wooden Birds play a brand of rock that at once sounds as akin to 70s era rock like Fleetwood Mac as it does to more modern fare like Wilco. Here the band plays “False Alarm,” from their latest album, ‘Two Matchsticks.’
A scene recently played out at a Brooklyn L train station in which several onlookers avoided assisting a man who’d fallen on the tracks and was bleeding. Instead, one onlooker shot video of the situation and uploaded it to YouTube — and all this as there was 13 minutes until the next incoming train.
The Two Man Gentlemen Band plays retro music that harkens back to decades past — but not pre-millennial so much as pre-war. Their old-timey tunes may be of a vintage style, but they definitely manage to incorporate themes that are as relevant today as ever. Ever the consummate showmen, the duo took a bit of time out of their seemingly never-ending touring schedule to play a song for us at the Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
There have been a few articles floating around the web this week that discuss the clash of bikes on pedestrians on NYC bridges. We set out to ask pedestrians and cyclists if they’ve encountered any problems, and what they think about the possibility of banning bikes from bridges.
Brooklyn’s Dinosaur Feathers create upbeat pop music with layers of harmonized vocals, grooved out melodies, and plenty of intricate and energetic rhythms. Their music is catchy, expertly-played, and lasting.
Brooklyn Singer-songwriters Annie Lynch (of Annie and the Beekeepers) and Michaela Anne make acoustic folk music graced with honey-sweet voices that are flush with emotion.
Brooklyn’s Bandana Splits is a trio that sings doo-wop-inspired pop music. Lauren Balthrop, Annie Nero, and Dawn Landes keep their music sweet, simple, lively and catchy – just as their musical inspirations from the 50s and 60s did before them. Travis says, “The Bandana Splits are Dawn Landes, Lauren Balthrop and Annie Nero. Their debut record is called Mr. Sam Presents the Bandana Splits and it is out on BoySkout Records. These women are the best. They are my friends. I love their songs and their singing and their sweet musical spirits. And the outfits don’t hurt either.”
Robert Ellis is a Texan singer-songwriter who sings with an old soul. While his songs have the feel of classic country, they appeal to modern ears with their true-to-the-heart lyrics and timeless aura. Here he performs his song, “Friends Like Those,” off his new album ‘Photographs.’
Always a difficult thing to decide: When is it time to dump/break up with one’s boyfriend/girlfriend. We asked some people on the street how they know when it’s time…. Featured song: “Justin In Time”
Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside play a well-blended mix of roots, blues, country, jazz, and rock. At first, it may seem anachronistic, but Ford’s edgy voice pulls it all together and into the present in a way that makes it as vital as any contemporary rock outfit.
Says Travis: “These guys love rock and roll. This is a true rock band. I’m not just saying it. It is for real. You can download all of their records for free. And now you can hear them live in the studio here at Serious Business and they sound like the hottest of hot hot rock fire.”
Dzian! is a band that plays retro Asian garage-pop. While mixing in vintage sounds and vibes, their sound is vibrantly original.
Support beams from the September 11th wreckage, in the shape of a crucifix, have become a topic of debate — the question being whether or not it’s appropriate for them to be featured in the World Trade Center memorial museum. Some people, including atheists are upset (see: ), so we went down to the neighborhood to see what people thought.
Brooklyn’s Spanish Prisoners are about to release their sophomore album, ‘Gold Fools’ – a psychedelic pop record filled with a unique electronic ambiance. Here they play “Rich Blood” at Bushwick DIY space, the Schoolhouse.
Richard Buckner plays a deep, soulful hybrid of rock and country. His powerful voice conveys a wisdom that compliments the poignancy of his lyrics and is backed by a forceful guitar style that adds urgency to his songs.
Fort Lean is a rock band whose tightly-structured, excellently executed songs belie the fact that they’d only been playing together for about five months before visiting Travis at his studio. Check out their catchy sound with its powerful rhythm section, and masterful guitars.
Self-proclaiming their genre as “Psychefaeriedelica,” Australia’s Sherlock’s Daughter features aesthetically sweet rock graced with airy voices, thoughtful lyrics, and great melodies.
Lately I’ve noticed more and more GOURMET food trucks parked around my labor-hood around lunch time. It’s great to have more options, but I’m guessing that the local restaurants (actually most of them are chains anyways) are getting pissed off because they are the ones paying the rent and losing the business. Or maybe not??
y/y is a Brooklyn-based duo Jason Meeks and Conrad Burnham. Together they craft experimental rock music that weaves together sequenced and manipulated-on-the-fly beats and electronics with live guitars, percussion, and vocals (often pleasingly drenched in reverb). The results usually bob back and forth from ambient sounds to danceable beats and riffs. Here they perform in a Bushwick art and events space.
Brooklyn band Milagres plays a brand of rock that’s more dynamic than most — unafraid to shift from atmospheric and soft to forceful and loud within a mere moment or over the progressive course of a song. Their music can be upbeat or melancholy, relying on the traditional rock combo of guitars, drums, and bass along with rich vocal harmonies, keys and electronic elements, extra percussion, and even orchestral arrangements.
Les Sans Culottes, a vibrant band of seven, play their own catchy, fun take on pop-rock with a French twist.
Rapper Grieves and producer Budos stop by BTR Live Studio to perform their song “Tragic” off their album, ‘Together/Apart.’ debuting with the popular, Minneapolis-based hip hop label, Rhymesayers Entertainment.
Recently launched is the new Google Plus (currently in beta testing) – it has some interesting features but will it be enough for people to ditch Facebook?
Mama Bear is a Brooklyn-based duo who plays pop music with a twang. Dale Pittner’s bouncy riffs and Victoria Sounthavong’s mellifluous voice combine to make for some very catchy tunes.
Brooklyn’s Cassettes Won’t Listen plays electronic pop music, weaving together playful melodies with an 80’s influenced style. The music is lively, original, and downright strikingly charming.
Brooklyn band A Million Years has a talent for matching great power-pop guitar riffs with catchy, often anthemic lyrics.
Bass Drum of Death, originally from Mississippi, play garage rock, with edgy lyrics and skillful guitar riffs. Underneath all that angst is a whole lot of talent.
Recently a fan returned Derek Jeter’s valuable 3000th hit ball even though he really could’ve used the money he might have been able to make from it. So, we go to Grand Central Station to ask people if they would’ve done the same. Featured song: “Gastronomic Meal” by Yellow Dogs
Originally hailing from New Jersey, Jonathan Pilkington Kahnt deals in a brand of songwriting that places sincerity at the forefront, relying on heartfelt lyrics and crooning capable of winning over even the most cynical of audiences.
As Miracle Fortress, Montreal musician and producer Graham Van Pelt composes full on psychedelic music infused with pop and electronic influences.
El Jezel have been active in the NYC/Brooklyn indie rock scene for a decade and have worked with Travis Harrison multiple times in the past, so their session for Serious Business on BTR was something of a reunion. Here, the band plays their signature brand of psychedelic rock, graced with sweet and melodic voices and their usual charm.
Radical Dads is a Brooklyn trio channeling 90s rock, with up-tempo, catchy tunes that will make you want to keep listening.
On this weeks episode of Pulse host Jess Westberg asks New Yorkers in the trendy East Village what they like to do for free fun in the city.
Brooklyn’s Alina Simone, originally from the Ukraine, plays folk music with a dark side. A powerful singer-songwriter, Simone here plays “Apocalyptic Lullaby” (from her new album, Make Your Own Danger) with her band on a balcony in Brooklyn.
Singer-songwriter Tracy Bonham plays unique rock music, sometimes accompanied by striking violin, sometimes by powerful bass, and always with smartly crafted lyrics from the talented musician.
Let’s find out what New Yorkers think about the state senate legalizing same sex marriages.
Brooklyn’s Bel Air is a sometimes-folky, alt-country rock band featuring sweet, harmonic vocals, smooth guitars, and a knack for writing catchy tunes. Here, they play “Wash Away” at a vintage hat shop in Dumbo called Cha Cha’s House Of Ill Repute.
Toronto rock band Dinosaur Bones play music that features seriously great lyrics, skillful electric guitar and a full, polished sound that will leave you wanting more.
Brooklyn band Quiet Loudly wows with their sound. Featuring loud, electric guitar, dreamy lyrics, and an in-the-pocket rhythm section, their music weaves together dynamic psyched-out rock with soulful melodies.
You might be thinking the name sounds familiar, but the band doesn’t play the kind of music you’d normally associate with NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. has their own electronic-pop/indie-rock sound that’s original and upbeat.
Brooklyn band Teletextile features sweetly-sung, melodic vocals, sincere lyrics, and a unique range of instruments, from harp and violin to banjo and accordion. Here, the band is featured playing in the choir loft of the First Unitarian Universalist Congregational Society church in Brooklyn Heights.
On this weeks episode of Pulse, host Lauren Hawker walks the NYC High Line to enjoy the scenic views, architecture, and gardens. On route we ask fellow visitors to reflect on the slew of recent political sex scandals.
Watch our BTR Live Studio session with artist Chris Mills. Happy folk-like indie-rock music with great lyrics and masterful guitar.
Weird Children are a fun-loving indie-pop band from Brooklyn with a sound somewhat reminiscent of 80’s power pop with catchy lyrics and good vibes.
Swedish band Wildbirds & Peacedrums play electronic music with soft vocals and killer percussion. Their sound is definitely nothing you’ve ever heard before, so make sure to check out our live session with the experimental band.
Don’t miss our Hear & There episode with Johanna and the Dusty Floor as the band performs in Brooklyn in Johanna’s home. The Australian born piano player’s sound is a mix of electronic pop and symphony orchestra, and is something you won’t want to miss.
Watch as host Lauren Hawker goes around to ask New Yorkers how they feel about the abundance of sidewalk charity fundraisers and if they would stop to donate or just keep walking.
An Horse has a catchy indie-rock sound that leaves you wanting more. Carefully crafted lyrics mixed with some fun-loving rock music – listen as An Horse performs live in our studios.
After watching indie-rock band Bunny’s A Swine perform, you’ll be hooked. Their brand of grunge-tinged pop is infectious, with an awkwardly-cool vibe that will leave you wanting to hear more from the Massachusetts power trio.
We know you’ve been missing Peggy Sue, so we’re here to deliver you more. Catch outtakes of Peggy Sue’s folky sound that didn’t make the cut. Enjoy!
Indie-rock band Automatic Children perform the unforgettable song, “Now You Know” at the KGB bar in NYC. Don’t miss their remarkable live performance here at BreakThru radio.
On this weeks Pulse, host Lauren Hawker examines analog vs. digital by chatting with some NYC park dwellers. She asks them, “Who still has a land-line phone?” and “When did they first get their cell phone?”
British indie-folk band, Peggy Sue, stopped by to have a jam session with BreakThru Radio. Their sound is tranquil and melodic but fun. Listen to them perform “Dumbo” in our BTR Live Studio session.
Brooklyn band Yellowbirds has an indie 60’s rock sound that’s immediately ear-catching. Travis Harrison sat down with the band for an interview and some music in his studio and it’s a segment you won’t want to miss.
It’s our week of encores and we’re back with Reggie Watts. Listen to the Brooklyn musician and comedian perform “Goldie Fox” and “Just A Game,” original tracks recorded just for BreakThru Radio.
Our first Hear & There episode is back for an encore. It’s hard not to have fun when Japanther’s around. A loud, merry, and unforgettable band, they make you want to get out on the dance floor. If you missed it, or if you just miss them, listen to their performance from Party Xpo in Brooklyn.
On this weeks Pulse, host Lauren Hawker asks if the way that soldiers are respected has changed since the wars of yesterday, and if the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars should get a memorial in New York City.
They’re a band you don’t want to miss, and in case you did, here’s another shot. Listen to Hank & Cupcakes perform “Ain’t No Love” and “Jimmy” at Serious Business Studios in New York City. Funky, fun, and friendly, their sound is contagious.
This week, we’ve compiled a “best of” segment we’re calling “Smash Hits, Vol. 1,” which pulls together a number of our favorite moments from the first 27 episodes of Serious Business on BTR. Included is some of the funniest, raw, and more unforgettable footage we have. Don’t miss out on a chance to sit back, relax, and laugh while watching the best of our conversations with the artists of Serious Business.
We know you wanted more. Here’s the outtakes from our Live Studio session with Levek. Listen to the band talk about how they transformed from a solo act to tacking on six members, along with snippets of more of their great music.
Listen as The Gypsy West unleash their “psychedelic” rock onto customers at the Main Drag. Performing at the guitar store in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the band lives up to their progressive nature.
On this weeks Pulse, host Lauren Hawker attends a rally of NYC teachers protesting proposed budget cuts and layoffs. The atmosphere was highly charged with thousands of attendees and even Rev. Al Sharpton giving an inspirational speech. To wrap up the story, and learn more about the causes of the proposed cutbacks, Lauren meets with Radio Dispatch DJ’s, Molly and John Knefel.
See Levek perform “Dream Entry No. 1,” live in our studio. Levek can be said to be creating a genre in itself and this song will give you a taste of just what you’ve been craving – something new.
Bronx native Rene Lopez and his band perform his Latin soul track “Honey Got Some Love” live at Mirror Image Salon in Harlem, New York.