New York City
Today’s live set is by Ben Rosenblum’s Nebula Sextet recorded live at the Puffin Cultural Forum in Teaneck, NJ on April 13th 2019.
Follow writer Skip Rozin, as he goes from being single to a married father of four, and then joins those other New Yorkers forced to leave the city by taking on adult responsibilities avoided in youth. 
Christoph Irniger Pilgrim is today’s group on The Jazz Hole Live with Linus. This set was recorded live at Dommelhof in Neerpelt, Belgium.
Two New York Times education stories highlight inequality in the city, John on Israel’s bombing of Gaza, and listener mail. photo courtesy of Tdorante10 via Wikimedia Commons
Michael Bloomberg wants to run for President again, pleasing no one but rich people on television. photo courtesy of Thomas Good via Wikimedia Commons  
Listen to a live set by Iris Ornig: Pilgrim (lead by bassist and composer Iris Ornig) on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus
If you're celebrating Halloween in NYC this year, are cool and into good music, then these shows are for you.
Get to hear a live set from The Jazz Room in Waterloo, ON, Canada by the amazing Toronto-based Teri Parker Quartet on The Jazz Hole Live
A live jazz set from Berlin, Germany by GULF of Berlin (Gebhard Ullmann, Gerhard Gschlössl, Johannes Fink, Jan Leipnitz, Michael Haves)
Today: a live set by the Hyuna Park Trio (Hyuna Park, Myles Sloniker, Peter Traunmueller + guest Amadis Dunkel) from Birdland Theater
This week we listen to the sweet voice of Mima Good and listen to her past and newest tracks!
New Music from Sarah Bethe Nelson and Richard Reed Parry, Long Island Jam Bands, and some women-centric jams for the wife.
Today’s Jazz Hole Live set features the Brooklyn-based trio Curtis + Garabedian + Sperrazza, recorded live at Brooklyn’s Owl Music Parlor
A doorman at a posh apartment building gets lost in the mean New York City streets, battling his demons as he searches for life’s higher meaning.
On today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus, check out a brilliant live set by Lena Bloch & Feathery, recorded at UMass Amherst
A fantastic set by Convergence, a new project by Swiss drummer Florian Arbenz featuring the Cuban Vistel brothers, Jim Hart and Heiri Känzig
Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live with Linus features three live tracks by the Toronto-based guitarist, composer and educator, Harley Card, plus two studio tracks from his latest album “The…
The legendary NYC venue celebrated their 25th birthday with some serious shredding.
An open air detention in El Paso looks a lot like a US run concentration camp, the NRA deliberately trafficked in conspiracy theories after Parkland, a HuffPost story looks at the families hurt by Kamala Harris’s prosecutions of truancy, and a history of school segregation in New York City. Pete Buttigieg photo courtesy of Pete Buttigieg campaign website via Wikimedia Commons
The Jazz Hole Live - today with a set from right here in NYC at Brooklyn’s Bar Lunàtico by guitarist and composer Q Morrow and his band
We talk with Joaquin Sapien, correspondent on the new Frontline and Propublica documentary “Right to Fail,” about a court order facilitating people with mental illnesses to live independently in…
There’s nothing like moshing and crowd surfing in a tux or gown.
Enjoy a set by Julian Gerstin Sextet recorded live at Wendy Redlinger's House in Guilford, VT on this month’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live
Reporter Dave Colon joins the show to discuss how on-the-ground activism helped derail Amazon's planned HQ2 in Long Island City, Queens.
Check out a live set from Brooklyn's ShapeShifter Lab by the NY-based Polish guitarist and composer Rafał Sarnecki on today's Jazz Hole Live
In Part 2, Harold Stolper discusses mostly unchecked gentrification in New York City and possible policy recommendations to deal with changing neighborhoods and police behavior within them.
NYC-based drummer and composer Jonathan Barber talks about his new album “Vision Ahead” on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus
The Jazz Hole starts up the year with Johnny Griffith, Carla Campopiano, Glenn Crytzer, Fred Hersch, Darrell Katz and the JCA Orchestra