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Welcoming Voodoo Pharmacology to the Jam Session family with a 3-track spotlight on their new album, “Water, Stay Down.”
Exploring Goblin Rock with a 3-track spotlight on Primus’ new album, “The Desaturating Seven."
We've got some great new songs to make your ears bleed--we even have a sneak peak of King Khan's newest album 'Murderburgers' (OUT 10/13)!
Let's get ready to hibernate w/ a playlist of brand spankin' new songs!
Special 3-track spotlight on the new album from Phish’s Mike Gordon, titled “OGOGO.”
Listening to more than one brand new track from certain artists because treat yo' self.
The Values' Debut EP provides four tracks you can’t help but sing along to whether you know the words or not.
We're rockin' out like always with the freshest indie tracks here on New Vibrations!
Your weekly dose of new or soon-to-be-released indie songs! Enjoy.
Don't let the ultra cheesy band name fool you--these guys are on the top of my list for psych/garage rock.
Members of Umphrey’s McGee, moe., Snarky Puppy and more will perform a 2-night Brooklyn Comes Alive performance billed as, “The Road Goes On Forever: Celebrating The Music Of The Allman Brothers Band.”
We've got all the killer newbies out now and/or soon-to-be-released. The last four tracks you have to listen to all together, so don't you dare press skip!
Touring announcements from our favorite jam scene artists including Marco Benevento and Moon Hooch who announced a co-headline tour this October.
This week I couldn't get enough, so I've shared multiple songs from a whole bunch of artist. I may sound like I'm dying (because I am--check out Nightshift Sounds to see why), but the music more than makes up for it! You're welcome my BBs. xoxo
This week get ready to hear some true blue rock 'n' roll.
Tom Grrrl--they're unique and everyone should definitely give 'em a listen!
A highlight on artists performing at this weekend’s Northwest String Summit in North Plains, Oregon.
We got a lot of exclusive songs for you this week--so get ready to be ahead of the music game!
They’ll rescue emus, shriek at spiders and bring back grunge all in one night--they're as exciting as wrestling a crocodile.
3-track spotlight on the new album from Suwannee Hulaween hosts the String Cheese Incident, plus headliners for this year’s Hangtown Music Festival.
From rock, to folk, to country--it's all good music here. Guaranteed!
Long gone are the sweaty and shirtless performances of Nick Cave. Hello to a transcendent experience hosted by a haunted man in a suit.
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Music Meetup (formerly known as Discovery Corner). This week we chat with Justin North of The Filipino Snares and listen to their music giving a whole new meaning to dad rock! From Louisville, Kentucky, this group of dads make music solely for the reason that they love music. There are no bells and whistles here to trick you into listening. Just passion and talent. Read more about them in the written portion of Music Meetup!
3-track spotlight on the new album from Fractal Cat, “The Tower,” plus news on Conscious Alliance’s Art That Feeds summer food drive.
Digging deep into the Roskilde Festival this weekend in Denmark, check out tracks from Freddie Gibbs, Janka Nabay, and more!
There’s no need to focus on how lady-centric these bands are, but you can't deny these gals kick ass.
I've dubbed this week's show "The Flood Warning" playlist. Because it's chill, yet fun
Brenda is punk rock, catchy and absorbing all the greatness that's under-appreciated of their hometown in Louisville, Kentucky.
Interviews from Bonnaroo with Twiddle and Lucy Dacus, recorded backstage at the Hay Bale Studio!
You just HAVE to listen to this week's playlist 'cause it's filled with amazing musicians, bands and songs.
This week we start a music-bio book club & chat w/ musical creator of L.A. Takedown, Aaron Olson--plus we listen their most recent album 'II'
An Ode To Roo: a 60-minute recap of the annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, as experienced by Laura G.
This week I feature all kinds of new stuff that's all amazing and that's what I always do. So, you're welcome for delivering.
This week we chat with and listen to the music of synth-rocker, Cold Beat!
It’s our annual Road To Roo episode! A playlist of BTR faves performing at Bonnaroo this weekend.
This week we start of slow and moody, and gradually build to dancey and moody!
Don't bee spooked, they're like Casper the cool ghost--Cool Ghouls' tunes are old school, like '60s pop & '70s rock. Check them out here!
Festival lineups and news on YarmonyGrass in Rancho Del Rio, CO and Camp Bisco in Scranton, PA.
Evolfo's catchy, punk-inflected tunes are ready to put you in a trance.
This week listen to the 7-piece band Evolfo, and chat with the man who brought them altogether, Matthew Gibbs.
Bluegrass, jamgrass, and general strings music in the jam band scene is the focus of this week’s episode.
We're cool, you're cool. So, listen to these new tracks/ soon-to-be-released tracks. We promise you it'll be a riot of a time.
An episode devoted to the feel-good dance party electronic sounds of the jam band scene.
It's the rainy season, so it's time to help yourself to a nice big heap of brand new moody tunes! Enjoy (&/or cry, up to you...)
Check out Side Eye--the Pittsburgh-based band comprised of some badass chicks spitting out your new favorite punk/doo-wop/surf rock inspired tunes.
An episode devoted to the reggae and funk superstars of the jam band scene.
A too-cool-for-school kind of Friday night, brought to you by Flatbox Presents!
Meet Monograms! They're a mixture of synth pop and punk rock, and who could ask for more??
Meet Monograms! They're a mixture of synth pop and punk rock, and who could ask for more??
New album spotlight on “Get Ready!, ” the live album from Roots of Creation’s frontman Brett Wilson.
We chat w/ NYC music pioneers Sharkmuffin, and, boy oh boy, do they have a killer record coming out May 5--check it out!
A dream-pop duo of synth wonderfulness, they call themselves "surf-gaze"--you don't want to miss out on Surf Rock Is Dead here on BTRtoday!
Special spotlight on the new album from Pimps of Joytime, “Third Wall Chronicles,” out now.
Bleeding Knees Club is a garage, pop-punk Australian band that was on a small hiatus until recently. Now, they are back with a vengeance!
Cult Records & Alt Citizen get together to create Cult Citizen—an event featuring awesome artists you NEED to know about!
Hold on to your socks, 'cause you're about to get rocked!
Good tunes with a side of spring and summer touring news from Lotus, Dangermuffin and Phish.
Reneé Orshan, a.k.a. RÉN (pronounced rain), is a confident, feminine, indie goddess from New York. She has a stage presence that radiates power as she swings her golden Lorde-esque mane to the beat.
This Brooklyn-based, ambient singer will blow you away!
Tunes and details on headliners for two of this year’s best music festies, Newport Folk Festival and High Sierra Music Festival.
These twin brothers bring the vibes of the West Coast and theatrical inspirations to their rock band, Little Person—check ‘em out!
3-track spotlight on the debut, self-titled album from new Lotus/Dopapod collaboration Octave Cat.
These surf-rock punkers bring the tunes, thrills and the entertainment.
On today’s April Fools show we’ve got a BTR Live Studio track from Fiona Silver, plus new tunes from old favorites Sean Rowe and Real Estate
3-track spotlight on the new album from Lucy Woodward, “Til They Bang On The Door,” out now.
Otis Mountain Get Down is a three day music festival in the Adirondack Mountains that features up-and-coming bands of all sorts!
A wild night filled with chaotic punk rock and sultry sax—-shit got weird in the best way possible!
Cool down and rev up to the sound of Calvin Love—a Canadian bringing the perfect blend of loveliness and coldness.
3-track spotlight on the forthcoming album from Dangermuffin dropping March 31st.
This is a group that sits well with the King Pizza family, consisting of bands like The Unders, Garbage Brain, and The Jeanies.
Some of NYC’s best acts played one last show before they hit the road for Texas—hear about the crazy antics here!
Founder of Captured Tracks Mike Sniper discussed with BTRtoday why working with a new artist is more engaging than working with an established musician.
Let's get weird with Weird Omen--a dark and mysterious French band that sings explosive rock 'n' roll.
Broadcasting from Austin this week for SXSW with a special 3-track spotlight on the debut solo album from Mary Frances of Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band.
The Molochs are a band that hits everyone in the right spots. Their music has everything you could want—a little darkness, a little love, and a lot of catchiness.
Living vicariously through Steve Kimock, who will be performing a handful of dates in Hawaii next month with an all-star band.
This week we listen to the new album "Bloodshot Tokyo" by The Dig and chat with bassist/vocalist, Emile Mosseri—-you’ll dig The Dig!
A band of strong and motivated ladies, Ex-Girlfriends take their art seriously while never failing to have a great time. Their unique and complementary personalities and tastes meld together to create an unmatched energy and live music experience.
A night when all of the domesticated punks howled at the lights of the stage and to the sweat of the moshers and transformed into punk rockers once again!
Juicy festival news from the 7th annual Disco Jam Music Festival, Camp Bisco, and Rage Fest 2017, presented by Lettuce.
The epitome of badass rock'n'roll blues--this Pittsburgh-based band will knock your socks off. Meet Nox Boys and swoon your little heart out!
Don’t try to make meaning of the name, just listen. You’ll hear music that sets off all of your triggers and strokes all of your fears in the most enthralling way!
Jordan Corso, aka Cotillon, puts out music that soothes the soul--it's relatable in so many ways! We chat with and listen to his first album and a brand new single off of his upcoming album, “The Afternoons.”
Lineup announcements for Revival Music Festival and NOLA Crawfish Festival, plus news on the forthcoming studio album from String Cheese Incident.
Ariana van Gelder is an ambient artist in Brooklyn, New York who calls her style “Dream Drone.” She is an intelligent and inspiring woman who’s able to envelope her audience and transform the atmosphere of any room with her unique vocals and collection of effects pedals.
Spring touring news from two of our favorite jam bands, Chris Robinson Brotherhood and STS9.
Meet the new generation’s LCD Soundsystem—Palm Springsteen. They bring the best of both coasts for you to dance your woes away!
Special 4-track spotlight on the new album from Great American Taxi, “Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show."
Max Pain & The Groovies is a rock’n’roll group that makes you think about death and stuff, but still get you partying! Check 'em out here!
They’re just three protozoa that crawled out from under the pillars of creation and picked up instruments. But what happened after they picked up those instruments is a pivotal point in the history of Brooklyn’s music scene.
Brian Chillemi, aka CHILLEMI, released a scenic and tranquil music video for his single “Child Of The Earth” filled with breathtaking Irish scenery--it'll get you lost & wondering.
A Philly-based band that brings the hard core and the smooth tunes. The best for people who wanna rage, but also want to fall in love.
On James Joyce's "fuckbird," why the Cake Shop is awesome, and how to start a band from scratch.
The NYC-based band Lady is calling it quits and they’re making sure to go out with a bang at Shea Stadium this Friday! Also playing are Gingerlys, Holy Tunics, & NO ICE—all ages and only $10!
Checking out the new album from Keller Williams’ latest ensemble, KWahtro. “Sync” is out now and we have a 3-track spotlight.
Americana, alt-country, folk or indie rock--whatever you wanna call them, Dan Getkin & The Twelve Six are putting the real emotions back into country music!
On meeting at an orgy, using depression to write, and odd time signatures.
Listen to Plastic Pinks when you need to get your ass up and going--they aren't afraid to rock hard!
On playing hot potato with instruments, lyrical patterns, and staying focused and positive.
Sun Abduction is a New York-based group that pulls influences from psychedelic rock, punk, garage, and grunge--all the sounds you need are right here!
Special 3-track spotlight on the new album from Vermont based jam band Gang of Thieves, “Born To Be Loud.” Plus, tunes from the new live Lotus album recorded at Red Rocks.
Meet the mystical-psychedelic dreamer Dean Cercone. An artist and a musician—he’s giving the world a completely unique form of creative skills!
Betty & The Boy paints such beautiful imagery of nature and life with their acoustics and vocals of an angel. Check them out here!