This week we have a lot of laughs w/ NYC-based trio Brandy. Plus, we listen to their brand-spankin’ new album.
Themes of civil rights, education, & ending hatred are the main features of this music video.
(The band) Drugs’ debut album is soothing garage rock with an important angle.
This week I chat about Drugs… Not those kinds of drugs—the band from Long Beach, CA Drugs.
Wow, y’all. 200 episodes?? Probably the only cool thing to happen in 2020—here’s a special two-hours of great music!
Buckle Bunny is introducing a city seeped with old-timey country music to a fresh take on the genre. 
It’s not a good time to lose yourself in music, but it is time to find that song that keeps your heart strong.
I keep the new music coming, the new music keeps your hearts strong and ready to fight.
Released last week, ‘Paper Moon’ is an indie-pop dream to keep your heart strong.
Her debut album encourages change and adds fuel to the passion within.
PLUS, I read the snips from the about section of Black Lives Matter so everyone is clear on the movement.
See who else made the list of new indie bands that just might rock your world!
The Buttertones take us on a dark and sultry adventure with their new album—see who else made the list!
Isolation is making everyone crazy, but this track will give you a taste of what really living used to feel like.
It’s Memorial Day, the first day of summer, and I just turned 28—it’s time to party.
We’re really rockin’ out w/ some great new tunes this week. So grab your quarantini and press play!
Check out who else made the top indie artists for this week & amp up that discovery music playlist of yours!
Always coming through with the new tunes. Listen up! What else do ya got to do?
Don’t worry, we’ve got the playlist to help you survive this quarantine. Every Wednesday, in fact. 
Time to rock out to Lancaster, U.K.-based duo The Lovely Eggs.
Waxahatchee takes the top spot this week! See who else made the list.
‘Songs from the Great Indoors’ sends you daily downloads of songs created while in quarantine.
Keeping the new music flowin’ for you guys! Can’t stop, won’t stop. TUNE IN! 
The UK band Catholic Action sings brutal truths about politics to some ’90s rock-infused thrasher garage rock—tune in!
Overall, frontman Chris McCrory says they just want to write and release music on their own terms.
We’re all Born Ruffians this week with them as our top artist & their frontman’s solo project also making the top 10.
She bares a raw & bursting heart that bleeds out every emotion for her listeners.
This isn’t a joke, y’all. This is still a playlist of BRAND SPANKIN’ new songs. LISTEN UP!
Coronavirus might’ve canceled their tour, but it hasn’t canceled their musical momentum.
If it truly is the end of the world, this song (and upcoming album) is what we all should be listening to.
We know it’s scary and boring in quarantine—here are some new tunes to get you through it!
We understand why they had to cancel the festival, we’re still bummed we don’t get to see these awesome bands.
We chat with The Memories—one in the studio and one at Disneyland—and listen to their newest track.
Shadow Show takes the top spot this week—see who else made BTR’s list.
Get dark and gothic while preparing for the end with this new EP from post-punkers Gláss.
I’m back at it w/ new songs form killer bands—we start off w/ some pop-punk MUST listens so tune in!
We’ve got some really great new ones for you this week—so, tune-in, close your eyes and let the music take over.
What reason do you need to dance other than the somewhat optimistic thought that things could be worse?
TORRES takes the lead with her strong vocals and catchy melodies—check out who else made the list.
Lift those winter blues and let the sunshine in with this new EP from NYC solo artist, Ryan Laetari.
The first single off their upcoming album will have you dancing before you even know what hit ya.
Catchy and edgy—listen to Sløtface’s newest album here and an interview with the frontwoman.
We’re getting really ahead of ourselves this week with some albums that don’t even come out ’till March.
Yonatan Gat chats traditional spiritual Native American powwow music and its power.
Getting rockin’ & indie with Luke Lalonde this week. Check it out!
When you put three garage bands on a large stage together, rules are bound to be broken.
She’s the self-proclaimed poster child for addictive personalities and her new song “Any Other Way” tells you about it.
The first interview of the new decade is with indie rocker Erin Anne!
Check out the dark & rockin’ tunes of our top musician this week.
Dawn in the new year w/ the final part of THE TOP SONGS of 2019—the only good thing to come out of this year.
Dawn in the new year w/ this part two of THE TOP SONGS of 2019—the only good thing to come out of this year.