A reminder at how odd America was after the Twin Towers attacks
Christie wasn’t bad at talking shop. But as in his previous job, politics remains his biggest problem.
BTR celebrated America’s independence at Jones Beach yesterday, followed by a firework show at MetLife Stadium. Click the video at the bottom of the page to watch the firework finale!      
Christie and company had a whale of a time on the beach outside the governor’s summer mansion. The image of the combative and disliked governor spread through social media and was hilariously repurposed in a stream of ‘shopped images.
The former rhythm section of beloved garden state group Dentist, Rudy Meier and Nick Kaelblein, have created a sound that mixes vocal harmonies and kinetic guitar work reminiscent of Modest Mouse or Sunny Day Real Estate.
This week, BTR features citizens of the Oneida Indian Nation in New York and the Ramapough Lenape Nation in New Jersey. Oneida is a federally recognized tribe, which makes them eligible for funding and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). Despite tax and educational benefits awarded to some of the tribes (about two thirds are federally funded according to the BIA), American Indians have the highest rates of poverty, unemployment and disease of any ethnic group in America. Another struggle includes the difficulty of maintaining a cultural identity due to the loss of native languages, which many young American Indians are no longer taught.    
Today on Garbage Garage we have brand new songs from great artists like Tica Douglas, Black Lips, and Horse Jumper of Love.
This Brooklyn-based, ambient singer will blow you away!
Healthcare reporter Lilo Stainton of NJ Spotlight joins the program to discuss New Jersey's high rankings on the Commonwealth Fund's Healthcare Scorecards, how the state's wealth factors in, and what the potential replacement of Obamacare could change.