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Today we break down Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere, the newest release from The Black Hollies. Released on October 22nd by Ernest Jenning Records, the album is the New Jersey band's fourth release, arriving four years after their last LP. Justin Morey, the lead vocalist has spent many years working with sound production, and it really shows on this release. Lush ethereal soundscapes create a wall of sound layered with fuzz pedals, antique organs, and more, mimicking nostalgic elements in psych rock rock.
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Opened in May 2011 in Jersey City, Mana Contemporary is a multi-dimensional art complex that provides services and space for artists, art patrons, collectors, and the local community. BreakThruTV’s Lauren Hawker attended the exclusive first look at one of their new shows, Ray Smith: Here | Now. The New York and New Jersey area is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Among those affected was Ray Smith, a Mexican-American artist whose Brooklyn studio suffered major flooding. Mana offered Smith refuge by offering studio space and an exhibition to showcase his waterlogged work.