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Chatting with musicians about all kinds of wild shit all year long.
Many of these EPs might have flown under your radar—catch up on them today & we promise you won’t regret it.
If you're looking for "Jingle Bells" or "Winter Wonderland" then you've come to the wrong place, ya square.
Get rockin' to the best underground music holiday playlist!
A nice & calm playlist to keep the kickoff to your holiday season chill.
Is that turkey and stuffing really worth all the family drama? Here's your tool to avoid an epic freak out this holiday.
Ali Barter with her high pitched & in-your-face vocals take the lead.
This time around, the band wanted more than just fun dance music.
Nothing like a little garage-y psych rock to play along to a twist ending.
Vomit, soothe and bite are just a few of the words these two passionate musicians describe themselves with.
“Who really wants to carry around 50+ double box set VHSs on the road? We had to grow up.”
This week I chat with Coco Verde frontmant in a Bushwick dive bar—tune in!
Versus getting you in the fall mood with their newest album.
Powerful yet soft female vocals reign this week.