Chris Lewis is an American sculptor and landscape artist who produces site-specific sculptures within natural and urban settings.
Jessica Gaddis is a New York-based artist who works with painting, ceramics, found objects, sculpture and installation. Her work questions what it means to be an ephemeral being in a physical body.
Wildlife populations have fallen an average of 58 percent from levels in 1970, and are expected to fall by 67 percent from those levels by 2020. The planet is being stripped of flora and fauna and it's humanity's fault. Will we be able to survive this wave of extinction?
As the author of over 170 published articles and 10 books, Gowdy discusses some of his work including Paradise for Sale: A Parable of Nature, with Carl McDaniel.
Artist Dana Sherwood is interested in the boundaries between the domestic and the wild. She is particularly known for work that involves preparing elaborate meals for animals and documenting the ensuing feasts with hidden motion-sensitive cameras.
In the battle between community gardens vs. affordable housing: what do we truly lose in choosing the latter?
We recap the 2016 Oscars and review the Academy Award-winning film "The Revenant," starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.
A look into nature’s ability to design the surreal landscape of the Three Parallel Rivers of China.