This week on Third Eye, we’re shining a light on the paradigms that the sun is setting on as well as introduce new habits that sustain a long life.
Surface Week - The Cappadocia region of Turkey’s Central Anatolian highlands has long been treasured for its gorgeously alien geological formations and sinuous underground dwellings, but a new discovery in the Nevsehir Province may prove to be the crown jewel of the area’s archeological riches.
This week we chat with one of my all-time favorite travel writers and winner of last year's National Geographic Traveler of the Year Award: Dalene Heck.
Mychal Denzel Smith is back to discuss what's wrong about the ways people hate Kanye West and Marshawn Lynch. Also, Better Call Saul starts off strong, an essay from a writer with autism on the anti-vaccine movement, and listener mail.
Obama lays out his new national security agenda, and a ton of listener mail.
Phillip Anderson joins us to discuss the fallout after Sheldon Silver's indictment on corruption charges, fewer graduates are joining Teach for America, and listener mail. Also, a huge announcement from the land of Radio Dispatch.