If a picture's worth a thousand words, a movie trailer is good for a few hundred.
J.McVay returns to discuss Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino's ninth film. Click here to listen to BreakThru Radio Weekly's feature episode on OUATIH.
J.McVay joins the show to discuss The Irishman trailer, Joe Pesci's triumphant return to the big screen, Netflix's release model and more.
John shares his thoughts on movies and TV and how they have influenced his outlook on life. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters. Music featured in the episode: "Levitator" by Deep State
It looks like Disney’s decided there’s less money in defining American childhoods than in ruining them.
Elena Childers joins the show to discuss the Joker trailer, Joaquin Phoenix and her enjoyment of realistic superhero movies.
Joaquin Phoenix’s creepy performance gives the villain the movie—er, trailer—he deserves.
If you want to predict the Oscars, you need to understand how old and how white Academy voters are.
With the actor accused of sexual assault, it’s uncomfortable revisiting much of his body of work.
Start your resolutions right with diet, exercise and Netflix.
Peter Jackson’s new film chronicles the Great War’s intensity in full color and spectacular detail.