Mitch McConnell
Amy McGrath once said she was to the left of the entire state of Kentucky. Now she’s tacking to the hard right.
Joe discusses Amy McGrath's campaign announcement and her choice to use seeming pro-Trump messaging in her 2020 Senate race against Mitch McConnell.
Broken hotel elevators. Denying Puerto Rico statehood. These are both because of socialism. And so is everything else conservatives don't like.
Robert Mueller spoke publicly for the first time about the conclusions of the Mueller report, Mitch McConnell is a constant reminder that the Democrats need better strategy, and a New York school…
Joe talks about Mitch McConnell's gaslighting speech on the Senate floor and discusses the value of real-time fact checking.
Democrats want to treat the grown adult Trump children with kid gloves, the New York Times mocks the Green New Deal’s lack of pragmatism while ignoring its political effectiveness, and listener…
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the federal government shutdown, Mitch McConnell's silence, and why the Democrats won't acquiesce to Trump's demands.