A look the special election for the Mississippi Senate seat, CNBC thinks that 29-year-olds should have a year’s salary saved, and troops deployed to the southern border are coming home soon.
Malcolm Harris joins us to discuss how the 2008 crash turned millennials into socialists, and Morning John on the Unite the Right rally and the success of antifascist organizing. Malcom…
Recently, while hungover and, possibly, high at the diner I frequent for acceptable chicken and waffles and adequate burgers, I found an unpleasant surprise.
Malcolm Harris joins us to discuss his book Kids These Days, and the issues facing millennials. Also, a round up of the latest immigration news, and Freddie is back in the studio. Malcom…
Twitter Moments w/ Matt Ruby. Charles Hinshaw on ‘Red Sparrow.’ John Knefel on racism at CPAC. A preview of Renata Zeiguer’s BTR Live Studio session.