Synergy Week – How climate change means more wine festivals. New research into what attracts millennials to wine has surprising results.
American college students believe themselves to be less empathetic than previous generations. Maybe the media and rapidly developing technology have played a role in making young people feel that they are more self-absorbed and disconnected from others.
Fear Week – Millennials are often labeled “entitled,” “lazy,” or “spoiled.” Despite these opinions, being young is no joke–in fact, being a Millennial is extremely scary.
This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss the benefits of having your coupled friends take over your Tinder account. Then, the pair chats about roommates and how the practice impacts Millennials. The show wraps with an analysis of why women are more likely to propose open relationships than men.
School Week – With the rising cost of tuition and lack of market places for creatives, art school seems to be exclusive to elites. Art degrees, essentially, are usually only applicable to those who have a disposable income, or have the energy to work multiple jobs in order to sustain a living.
School Week – An estimated 250,000 people teach English abroad in over 40,000 schools and yet still the demand is far from filled. Particularly in Asia, schools are hiring year round, and in many cases, a BA is preferred but not required.
Reality Week – In our work-driven culture, we tend to refer to our professional lives as “the grind.” Millennials suffer from career burnout earlier in life than previous generations, which can begin to eat away at their state of wellbeing without any awareness of what’s happening.
Relationship Week – Accepting a Facebook request, liking an Instagram post, favoriting a Tweet–these are actions that lead to everyday virtual interaction with one another, all of which begin online friendships. Could online friendships be more genuine than offline ones?
This week is a special one here on BTR as it’s Relationship Week. The Hash hosts Molly and Dane begin by discussing Millennial weddings and later are joined by BTR’s own Kenneth Miller, who penned “Becoming Monogamish,” and Jess Goulart, who wrote “Play Me A One Night Stand.”
Relationship Week – Avid wedding planners and dress consultants may market their services by playing into the stereotype that “all girls dream of their wedding day.” However, Millennials are choosing to get married later in life and many of them desire less lavish ceremonies than those of previous generations.
Throwback Week – Nostalgia has long been more than just a topic of conversation between friends. Brands are using the feeling as a tool to market their products to Millennials.
Throwback Week – With the decrease in HIV visibility, society has become detached from the gravity of the 1980s epidemic and virus. There is a clear divide among older generations and Millennials in understanding HIV.
Hazards Week – The first date is a bizarre ritual: two people agree to go out together, without the company of any other people they know. Avoid these hazardous first date behaviors to make the whole experience a little less awkward.
FOMO Week – Individuals with heightened levels of FOMO appear to spend an excessive amount of time probing the internet with the intentions of staying in check with the world beyond their immediate reach. How the “fear of going out” may help redefine individuality.
FOMO Week – The emotional impulse of FOMO has begun to transfer into even the more serious aspects of our lives, like our degrees, jobs, and other such life-long pursuits. Millennials are propelled by work FOMO to make more fulfilling career changes.
It’s Care Week here at BreakThru Radio and today on Book Talk I will draw a connection between the generations of change that have fought to shift the focus away from the well-oiled machine of post-war American society to the Millennial driving force behind American innovation, growth, and global leadership.
Class Week – To make the most out of time off, vacations should be about more than just partying.
Unprepared Week – Pew Researcher Lee Rainie discusses our digital footprints and what they reveal.
This week, The Hash covers Invisible Boyfriend, friendships, and a project at the Sundance Film Festival.
‘Space Jam’ exhibit inspires basketball fans, nostalgic Millennials, and modern art enthusiasts.
BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Kristy is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and clichés. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Millennial Week we at long last welcome Kristy back into the fold and pretty much just listen as she fills us in on what she’s been up to plus look at how millennial culture is impacting the sports landscape.
Millennials Week – Four reasons explaining why listicles are the ideal news format for Generation Y.
Millennials Week – A new app alerts you when you’ve wasted too much time each day staring at your phone.
A nostalgic tour of the greatest (and most ridiculous) fashion trends of the 1990s.
Millennials Week – Social security can kiss my ass, I’m gonna see the world.
Millennials Week – Beloved ‘90s TV and movies get new life for new audiences.
Millennials Week – A look into the contemporary musical genres Millennials relate to.
The popularization of the selfie stick is changing the art of selfie-taking as we know it.