Michele Bacigalupo
Holiday Week - Mix up the typical home decorations for the holidays with these charming design ideas.
Holiday Week – BTR shares the gifts we want this season.
Winter Week - Lettuce turnip the beet this winter with nutritious superfoods!
Scarcity Week - Computer games from the ‘90s with female protagonists are making a comeback.
Comedy Week - Laughter Yoga provides similar health advantages to vigorous aerobic exercise.
Stuffed Week - A new study shows alcohol consumption has an influence on ethics.
Makeshift Week - The expansion of digital craft stores has proven more successful for working artists than traditional craft fairs.
Obstacle Week - Indoor obstacle courses encourage kids to get off the couch and exercise.
Cyber Week - Girls Who Code is an organization working to reach gender parity in the field of technology.
Unexpected Week - Colorado campaign warns teenagers of potential harm associated with marijuana use.
Anti-Social Week - Second City’s improv classes enhance confidence and encourage self-acceptance.
This week, The Hash covers the NFL and Ray Rice, Kirsten Gillibrand's new book, and emotional infidelity.
This dish is great to serve at parties or on game day all season long.
Cooking Week - A study in New Zealand confirms that mozzarella is indisputably the best topping for pizza.
Emotion Week - Emotionally cheating in a relationship may prove more destructive than a physical affair.
Share Week - Three high school students develop app to reduce incidents of police brutality and abuse.