The bRUNch running club turns every Sunday into a race, with the promise of a scrumptious brunch outing at the end. BTR spoke with bRUNch founders Alexandra Weissner and Cortney Logan to hear more about the inner workings of the running club.
Gott’s Roadside stand offers juicy American burgers, Napa Valley wine, and the magical sensation of stepping into the past.
College is not the time for designing a sophisticated domestic setting. Therefore, it’s best to be discerning of what not to pack for school. From your favorite books to toasters, BTR staffers have rounded up the best items to leave behind.
Excess Week - Meg Wolfe, author of the blog The Minimalist Woman, explains her methods of uncluttering a home to avoid the habit of hoarding. She tells BTR that she was fortunate enough not to endure the most severe symptoms of hoarding before adapting to her minimalist lifestyle.
BTR recently took a trip to scenic natural hideaways located in Berkeley, California. Lake Anza and Indian Rock Park turned out to be beautiful places that offer awesome views and athletic opportunities.
In Lake County, California, vineyards produce wine at inexpensive rates to be bottled for a variety of occasions. Those involved with the vineyard business pride themselves in producing affordable bottles of wine without sacrificing quality.
Buzz Week - UCF’s mental health facility provides a therapeutic app to provide stressed students with pocket-sized means of meditation. The app, called Therapist Assisted Online (TAO), is programmed to deliver low intensity-high engagement therapy.
BTR sits down with Butterfly Bakery and Bakeri to chat about the baking industry. In New York City and neighboring Brooklyn, a plethora of food establishments exist where culinary enthusiasts can gather to try new, groundbreaking delicacies. Sometimes, it may appear as if kitchen masterpieces are emerging from every avenue, especially if you’re walking in a trendy neighborhood.
Roots Week - New York City’s ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) was first launched in 1985 by founder and director B. George. In its humble beginnings, the ARC existed in George’s 800 square foot third story walkup in Tribeca. It held 47,000 sound recordings at the time, accumulated by George throughout his work as a DJ, producer, and author.
BTR brunches at Sweet Chick, arriving at chicken and biscuit heaven with Southern comfort food in Williamsburg. Upon entering the door, Sweet Chick’s atmosphere hits customers immediately. With its tables and chairs resembling those of a traditional diner or cafe, the setup is homey and inviting.
Reality Week - In our work-driven culture, we tend to refer to our professional lives as “the grind.” Millennials suffer from career burnout earlier in life than previous generations, which can begin to eat away at their state of wellbeing without any awareness of what’s happening.
Birthday Week - In 1981, psychologist Ellen Langer conducted an experiment to see whether a group of men in their 70s could alter the mental perception of their age. Langer asked the study’s participants to mentally conjure an image of themselves from 1959--22 years earlier--and to try and behave in the present as if they were the age they were back then.
BTR explores different pathways to birthday cake flavored indulgence, regardless of whether or not it’s actually your birthday.
Scientific experts screened the TV show ‘Cosmos’ and introduce an educational atmosphere to an audience at Videoglogy, a bar in Brooklyn. Neighborhood astronomer, Dr. Kennet E. Flores, transformed the screening room into a university lecture hall.
Made in the USA Week - Within the past year alone, the vinyl record industry has declared a major revival with tremendous leaps in sales. Data collected by Nielsen Soundscan reports over 9.2 million vinyl records sold in the US in 2014--a 52 percent increase from the year before.
Fan Week - It seems as though there are two types of concert attendees: those that are constantly taking photos and videos of the event and those that leave their phones/cameras in their pockets or at home. Since many of us here at BTR enjoy some live music now and again, we decided to chime in on the matter.
Fan Week - Have you ever been starstruck? We at BTR have served Johnny Depp, bumped into Alec Baldwin, and chatted with Kirstie Alley. Check out our experiences of celebrity encounters.
Fan Week - Festivals are fabulous. You get to enjoy the outdoors, try new foods, immerse yourself in a sea of eclectic individuals, and of course, listen to live music. BTR rounds up all the handy tips you need to make it through the sea of flower crowns in one piece.
For people with demanding work schedules, it’s difficult to find time to eat right and stay healthy. The tech gurus of Silicon Valley rely on protein powder beverages for their daily nutritional intake.
Whimsical chalkboard signs are a common sight for storefronts, but the drawings may cause more confusion than outreach. Some of the most effective chalkboard phrases are ones that maintain relevancy.
Brooklyn Night Bazaar closes its doors after years of offering music, shopping, and a free place to hang out in the after-hours. The Bazaar will temporarily relocate to Queens this summer.
Today marks the first day of Throwback Week here at BTR and we thought it best to kick it off with a celebration of our favorite discontinued food products. Aside from a few pleas to bring them back, we’re also talking about our own personal experiences.
Vacation Week - In an ideal scenario, vacations typically leave an imprint of euphoria upon travelers. Nevertheless when such a blissful time does draw to a close experiencing post-trip depression is a real problem, but there are plenty of ways to fight off the melancholy.
Hazards Week - Texting has become a dominant form of communication since its arrival in 1992. With 20 billion SMS messages sent each day across the globe, it may finally be time to declare a time of death for the phone call.
This week, DJs Molly and Dane talk about awkward situations and how to survive them. They also discuss stay at home moms, feminism, and what not to do on a first date.
BTR took its talents to the biannual foodie haven that is the Mad. Sq. Eats pop-up here in NYC where we tasted everything from beer to ice cream sandwiches to tuna hand rolls.
Hazards Week - The first date is a bizarre ritual: two people agree to go out together, without the company of any other people they know. Avoid these hazardous first date behaviors to make the whole experience a little less awkward.
The Rubin Museum’s current exhibit, 'Becoming Another' displays a historical medley of masks from cultures like Northern India, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan, Siberia, and Japan. Monkeys, birds, and of course, humans, are represented.
FOMO Week - FOMO prevails in our daily lives. We miss out and it causes us to feel jealous, envious, or regretful. Alas, there are many ways to fight and get over the feeling.
Nerd Week - The tech industry has had a notoriously small percentage of women in its workforce for years, and the numbers remain stagnate. Coding camp Geek Girl educates women on computer science essentials in an effort to close the tech industry’s gender gap.
Climate Week - A circular economy may be the solution to Earth’s dwindling resources. BTR explores the ways in which systems that incorporate recycling, green business models, and zero-waste goals are beneficial.
Globally, almost 805 million people experience symptoms of severe hunger everyday. That means that one out of every nine people does not have enough food on their plate. FareShare, a UK-based charity that fights against hunger and food waste, currently provides over 13.2 million meals to people from sources of “hidden food.”
Yoga and mindfulness instruction serve as excellent opportunities to educate students on the vitality of leading a healthy lifestyle. By imparting such knowledge on children at school, it's possible that students will bring the lessons home to their parents, who may, in turn, begin to stock the kitchen with healthier options.
Unprepared Week - People who delay gratification are more likely to find success in other areas of life.
Check out these beer-infused Irish cocktails right in time for St. Patrick’s Day.
Adventure Week - Introverted personalities can enjoy a travel itinerary of both social and solitary activities.
New Economy Week - Subscription services offered by Spotify, Apple, and HBO are changing the way consumers pay for media.
Secret Week - Author Michael Brandow warns dog owners to consider the health risks of purebred animals.
The Sketchbook Project comprises personal artistic interpretations from people all over the globe.
PHOTOBLOG: New York's puppy population is rockin' outerwear this winter.
Hacking Week - Are smart devices eavesdropping on the conversations you have at home?
Selfie Week – Learn how to increase your sense of self-worth by saying "no" to things you don’t want to do.
Dish + Drink asks the Editorial Staff how they feel about spicy food and roller coasters.
Outlier Week – Environment, culture, and deliberate practice can determine a person’s level of success.
Disruptive Week - An exploration of natural history and humanity’s role in Earth’s sixth major extinction event.
College Week - Procrastination affects students and adults alike, but few understand how to stop the habit once and for all.
Learn how to stay focused and energized between classes and trips to the dining hall.
Millennials Week – Four reasons explaining why listicles are the ideal news format for Generation Y.
Millennials Week - A new app alerts you when you’ve wasted too much time each day staring at your phone.
Inspired Week - A new app enables people to remember their dreams and input them in a global database.
Fitness Week - Studios with unique workouts that kick your butt are expanding and becoming more successful.