Dr. Azra Raza discusses how the FDA has created inertia as it continues to recognize these models as the gold standard for predicting the utility of drugs.
This week on Third Eye, we’re shining a light on the paradigms that the sun is setting on as well as introduce new habits that sustain a long life.
Dr. Azra Raza speaks with us about the case of Sepsis where mice modeling proved to be a useless tactic in developing a drug for humans.
Research confirms the existence of a feel-good hormone linked to long-term exercise.
Wow! This week's show somehow ended up being one of my longest ever. Guess when I get on a roll with classic OHIO tunes, it's hard for me to stop. Check out proto-indie from such esteemed NE OH bands as The Clocks, Death of Samantha, The Mice, etc. Plus, a bonus set of songs that I just plain like! It's a really good one, certainly worthy of the extended running-time!
It's the spring time in the northern hemisphere, time to enjoy the changing weather! In honor of this season, I've put together a good mix of springtime standbys of the indie rock variety. Includes hits from The Courtneys, Yo La Tengo, The Mice, Absolute Mess, Young Guv, and more!