After a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money for production of a new album, Quiet Loudly recently headed into the studio. The resultant album, Go Into The Light Smiling, is the band’s first in three years. They stopped by our studio to play some songs from the new album and chat with Travis.
W/U INTERNERDS! U ready for these great new bands? Maybe you've heard of 'em? Probably not, lamer. Get a life. smdh.
We're dying for it. Overnight death. Look out for me!
Today! We got hella rice cooker lentils cooking. It's no big deal, more like a 'cooking tip' than a 'recipe' per se, but I am trying to keep you feeling good and nourished. I am trying to help you! Stop complaining so much!!
"Like getting hit by a semi-truck full of the best music in the world. You die on impact, but you don't even care; you're already in heaven." -- Sir Bernie Taupin on Overnight Sensation.