Austin's Mirror Travel had a previous music life as the popular band Follow That Bird. Label issues and perhaps some "big" bird issues were all factors in the new moniker, which also set the band off in a newer, more focused direction. Their music is dreamy garage pop, and totally fun. The band, made up of Lauren Green (guitar/vocals), Paul Brinkley (bass/vocals), and Tiffanie Lanmon (drums), stopped by to play some tunes and talk a bit about their history and recent recording experience.
It's Screen Week on BTR! On today's show, BTR's resident Superman kid (and co-host of our movie podcast Restricted Audience Required) joins us to talk about the latest rumors about the upcoming Superman vs. Batman movie. And later, Molly Freeman is in the studio to talk more about her story available now on about the effect that Neilsen's new Twitter TV ratings are having on your favorite shows.
Two announcements by the FDA bring a spotlight to the efforts of an often overlooked regulatory agency.
Which one of us hasn't dreamt of getting away with wearing pajamas 24/7, yet somehow staying stunningly stylish? With the delicate creations from this week's featured designer, you'll be having sweet dreams day and night! Cristina Lynch just launched Mi Golondrina, her line of cotton sleepwear and bedding, this summer, but she's already gained a devoted following with her bedtime fashion. Inspired by her Mexican heritage and its tradition of embroidery, her luxe, feminine, simple pieces are equally at home on the beach, at brunch, or in bed. On today's show, Cristina will talk about her mother's early influence in teaching Cristina about her Mexican cultural heritage, her path from being an econ/theater major to working for Oscar de la Renta to launching her own line, the women in the Oxaca region who embroider each Mi Golondrina piece by hand, and some of her upcoming projects for the label. Plus, a sleep-y playlist full of music that will keep you wide awake, from artists like Deer Tick, Man Man, Iron & Wine, Phosphorescent, and more. So prepare to make your favorite pi's jealous with our elegant Sleep Week feature, here on BTR!
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