Project E.A.R. (East Asian Revolution) is a musical movement of bands and acts from South East Asia with the mission of giving Asian music exposure across the globe. Originally brought together for the 2008 MTV Asia Awards, it is a collaborative project with members of groups from five countries in the region, including Ahli Fiqir from Singapore, Pop Shuvit from Malaysia, Saint Loco from Indonesia, Thaitanium and Silksounds from Thailand, and Slapshock from the Philippines. With musical influences from metal to rock and pop music, the group's sound changes from song to song and even verse to verse, as the players trade off songwriting and singing duties with ease. On their first ever trip to the US for the 2012 CMJ Music Marathon, the group dropped by our studio to talk about the project and to share some of the songs written for their upcoming record during a trip to Bali earlier this year.
The need for scrap metal has led to sewer cap theft. Could fiberglass caps be the solution?
Says Travis: “GOES CUBE makes music that pummels your ears. In a pinch you have to classify it as metal but these dudes churn out a brand of heavy music that is soulful and unique, not confined by genre dogma. SICK.”
How some Syrian metal bands are are making their mark on the global map against all odds.
Skull X Skull 5, hosted by the Skidmarxxx (part 1). Well, what I could post that isn't NSFW anyway. Which wasn't very much. This is what I'm referring to. MP3: • Total Abuse - Buried Band here. via Sucka Pants