Lynn Walsh talks about potential changes and refocusing in journalism education, how we can become more responsible consumers of media, and the environment for journalists in a post-truth world.
Lynn Walsh discusses how journalists can combat the rise of fake news and dealing with people whose opinions are firmly fixed.
Lynn Walsh discusses the rise of fake news, how journalists feel about it, and how opinion journalism has shaped our current media climate.
Lynn Walsh discusses the loss of trust in national media outlets and gives her opinion on the role of journalism in the United States.
SPJ president Lynn Walsh discusses her career in journalism and the purpose of the SPJ, as well as the role of citizen journalists.
Peter Thiel is a billionaire megalomaniac who put Gawker out of business and wants to harvest the blood of the young so that he can live forever. Weird.
Altheide reflects on his more than 43-year career, defining his expertise as falling within five research areas: Mass Communication, Qualitative Research Methods, Deviant Behavior, Propaganda and Official Information, and Social Control.
We chat with Dr. David L. Altheide an American-born sociologist and Emeritus Regents’ Professor in the School of Justice and Social Inquiry at Arizona State University.
And, lastly, Altheide devotes his research to the development of qualitative methodology, specifically Ethnographic Content Analysis (ECA).
Altheide’s second research focus examines the media as a form of social control.
Altheide reflects on his research which has broadly focused on qualitative methodology and the media’s impact on society, especially through inciting fear.
Oil spills are slow-churning environmental disasters, but unless they’re enormous, the media is nowhere to be found.
This week we chat with the founder of Wear Your Voice about solo travel, and travel’s influence on body positivity!
Experts weigh in on how exposure to beauty standards in other cultures through travel can help redeem people of their own false negative body perceptions.
BTRtoday examines the media portrayal of the Ebola outbreak versus the reality of it from people who were in highly affected areas at the time.
Can we transform journalism to be a source of optimism and hope, rather than fear?
This week we examine the roots of color photography. It’s a history in which artists, popular magazines, advertisers, and film companies all play major roles in making color photography the ubiquitous medium it is today.
Dutch billionaire, Bas Landorp, and Lionsgate TV have teamed together to create the ultimate reality show: a trip to Mars.
This week all bloggers tune in! We’re getting a crash course with expert Julie Stoian, creator of Fabulous Blogging!
The Thursday Mix for January 21, 2015 brings you new tunes by Exmagician, Octagrape, and Ty Segall. I’ll also be featuring a new band to the show, War & Pierce. The Los Angeles band is a collaboration among Chris Pierce, Sunny War, and Jared Faber. Stay tuned!