Happy New Year!!! This week I have a wonderful guest, Marta Tryshak, amazing digital media guru and creator of the blog With Love Gabrielle!
Today we explore the dynamics in some of the breeding grounds of fear and how we can shed light on mitigating the fear as we watch the horrific news of the day.
Part 2 of our interview with David Altheide on how much of the fear around us is unwarranted.
Fear Week - Fear is a natural and necessary element of survival but must be tamed on a large scale. But how does fear manifest itself, and why is it so difficult to overcome even when we know it’s irrational?
Professor David Altheide speaks with us about fear-mongering in American media.
Fear Week - Tracing the evolution of fear tactics that have taken root in the presentation of our daily news cycles. David Altheide tells us about how a history of violence conveyed through the media has come to isolate our society.
If you lived in Romania in the 1980s and happened to catch a government sanctioned screening of a foreign film or TV show, your viewing experience would have been much different than someone watching in the West. Anything deemed western was cut: scenes with swimming pools, depictions of too much food, marital infidelity, freedom of religion. Even kisses could only last for three seconds on screen. The 80s were some of the harshest years for communism in Romania and the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was considered one of the most brutal in the soviet bloc. The secret police kept tight control over all aspects of Romanian life and cinema was no exception.
Rather than fear illegal downloads, movie studios and TV networks should embrace bootleg versions of their media because they generate buzz and often lead to greater viewership. Such was seen after this year's Comic-Con event and through popular shows like 'Game of Thrones.'
This week theme on the Daily Beat: We are checking out all things digital and tech at The Internet Week Festival.
Nerd Week - With the rise of the internet, nerds are finally banding together. However, the web’s message boards and blogs have also exposed a not-so-surprising trend of expressing social prejudices.
NY Mag asks what is the Bronx, diversity in media matters for a whole host of reasons, and US officials have begun describing the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen as a disaster.
The Staten Island DA's office continues to mess with the man who filmed Eric Garner's death, an Oklahoma reserve deputy shoots and kills a black man, and listener mail about accents.
Artists question and explore the fabricated and oversaturated nature of a digitalized society.
Jordan Buschur works with themes to paint books, donate to causes, and curate exhibits.
Inspired Week - Fans of TV, movies, and books don't always simply consume media--sometimes they inspire it.