John is in the studio to discuss a long piece at The Cut looks at women’s rage in a post Weinstein era, and listener mail on gun control.
Mike Ludwig is back to talk about what the federal government is and isn’t doing to support opioid users in prison. Also, catching up on the rest of the Me Too listener thoughts.    Mike…
Reuben Safire joins us to discuss the devastating fires in California, and John is in the studio to catch up on John Kelly’s comments defending Trump. Reuben Safire, via Twitter
It’s JAMJAM Friday and Jesse Myerson is here to talk Me Too, Morning John on Trump supporters distrust of the media, and listener mail. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter
Morning John on Trump’s executive order attacking healthcare subsidies, Mayim Bialik writes a victim-blaming New York Times op-ed, women, trans, and nonbinary people post “me too” on social media to convey the magnitude of sexual assault and harassment. Mayim Bialik Photo by N4chavez courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Maybe a social media movement isn’t what survivors asked for, but it’s definitely bringing attention to a problem that’s too often ignored.