It's Meat and Vegetarian Week on BTR! On today's episode of Third Eye, we look at the recent report from the Stockholm International Water Institute warning that impending water shortages could force the world's population to adopt vegetarian diets. Later, a candid conversation with vegan cookbook author, Terry Hope Romano. BTR Managing Editor Margaret Jacobi talks about Romero's long history in cooking, DIY culture, and not letting her meat-eating friends feel guilt-tripped by her presence.
We celebrate Food Week with a few recipes handed down to our staff from generations of great chefs.
Plantagon have already broken ground on the world’s first vertical greenhouse in Linkoping, Sweden.
A new documentary, now making its rounds on the film festival circuit, proves there is infinitely more to the seemingly simplistic game.
Everyone remembers watching Back to the Future for the first time and wondering if time travel really could be possible. What happened to the technologies that were supposed to be here by now?