BTR visited Shia LaBeouf’s event #AllMyMovies at the Angelika Theater, where the actor committed to watching a marathon stretch of his own films accompanied by fans.
BTR chats with Emma Witmer about her teen angst-inspired debut and the beauty hidden in junk shops.
Mystery Week – To the naked eye, the place looks no different than any of the other looming office buildings or retail spaces. But unlike its slumbering neighbors, there’s something quite different lurking on the second floor of 163 Varick Street in Manhattan, NYC.
One man’s musical journey from the streets of Brazil to the heart of Manhattan’s jazz community
There’s a prismatic depth to the sounds of Modern Merchant, the Brooklyn-based indie-rock band who just dropped their second EP, ‘Values,’ on Aug 29. With it, John Parson, Sydney Weiss, and Jesse Stanford deliver a record that revels in complexity rather than shying away from it; each of the four tracks showcase its own unique compositional maturity.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR checked out Stargazing on New York City’s High Line. The Amateur Astronomers Association provided telescopes for visitors, as they do weekly. This free event runs until the end of October.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR checks out JazzReach’s Yes Indeed! in Madison Square Park. The event is meant for children to learn more about blues roots as well as “blues in the jazz context.”
Highbridge Park recently reopened to the public, allowing pedestrians to stroll from northern Manhattan into the South Bronx. BTR stopped by this spot on a sultry summer day to walk across the High Bridge (of the greater park’s namesake). The height of the structure offered a fine vantage point to observe the Hudson River and various highway ramps underneath. Inland, there was also some public art installed along the Manhattan esplanade, a series of sculptures titled ‘Oh Sit! 14 Sculptors Consider the Chair.’
PHOTOBLOG: If you’re in Manhattan and looking for something close by to keep you occupied or take a break from work, Bryant Park is the perfect place to go. Settled right next to the New York Public Library’s main location, the park is conveniently located. Beautiful gardens border opposite ends of the park’s lush lawn. While many parks have lush landscapes and beautiful flowers, Bryant Park stands out among the rest.
Uma Temakeria has unveiled the first sushi burrito in New York City. The long-awaited fusion item debuted on Thursday at their brick and mortar shop on 14th and Sixth in Manhattan. As it so happens, Thursday was also International Sushi Day.
The rather small Maguro, located on the border of Rose Hill and Kip’s Bay in Manhattan, boasts impressively fresh fish and a 4.4-star rating.
The original Haru first opened its doors nearly 20 years ago. It is “not only one of the longest standing establishments” on the Upper West Side’s famed “’restaurant row,’” but Haru also claims to be “one of the pioneers of Japanese cuisine in New York.”
Tompkins Square Bagels on Avenue A and 11th Street is one of the most popular bagel joints in Manhattan. It boasts a 4.6-star rating on Google and the line on a warm Sunday morning is particularly lengthy.
Manhattan’s Lower East Side boasts tons of great bars and restaurants. Among them is Barrio Chino, a quaint Mexican joint that serves up fantastic margaritas and authentic food.
While the novelty of Jacob’s Pickles next door has not yet worn off, E’s Bar boasts originality all on its own. Open shelves filled with board games and other multiplayer games line the walls and patrons are free to take any game off the shelves to play.
Manhattan’s Cascabel Taqueria does more than just serve delicious burritos. Their Mexican brunch includes bottomless cocktails and offers creative items like chorizo benedict and tuna Thai chili tacos.
PHOTOBLOG: The Spanish Around the World Carnaval took place Saturday on 91st street between West End Avenue and Riverside Avenue in Manhattan. Plenty of festive children and adults strolled through the area to learn about Spanish culture, which they did so through craft making and cupcake decorating.
PHOTOBLOG: The semi-annual pop-up food market, Mad. Sq. Eats, is currently underway in the Flatiron District. BTR checks out the spring installment of the event in its own backyard.
This restaurant serves pure, unadulterated fish; you won’t find special rolls here. The restaurant has four and a half stars for good reason, and that reason is its remarkable, but simple fish.
PHOTOBLOG: BTR explores NYC’s Meatpacking District, which has evolved over the years into one of the city’s most interesting neighborhoods. Though many of the meat distribution companies that once occupied the area no longer exist, this area of Manhattan retains it’s name.
In the spirit of FOMO Week, the BTR Editorial team discusses our favorite spots to grab a cup of joe both in and out of New York. From Manhattan to Brooklyn and Massachusetts to Germany, we’ve included the places we love most.
Good Enough to Eat is one of the more popular brunch spots on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. So much so, in fact, that weekend after weekend patrons line up around the block just to get in.
Champignon is a cafe located on Seventh Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street in Manhattan. The Chelsea cafe is named after the champignon mushroom, a popular and widely-known ‘shroom, Champignon is just a quaint neighborhood spot that seems to fly comfortably under the radar.
Graffiti can be seen almost everywhere in New York City, and can either intrigue or deter onlookers. It takes someone with a certain talent to create the beautiful wall pieces seen in some areas. Detailed murals, portraits, and colorful words pop up on almost every couple street corners.
Dish + Drink checks out one of the 11 Spice locations in New York City. Thai food is abundant in this city, but Spice is at the forefront of New Yorkers’ minds with its consistent menu and good vibes.
PHOTOBLOG: Macy’s Annual Flower Show beautifies Herald Square store.
For a good time call Big Daddy’s (and get your booze on).
There are a million bad dates in the city that never sleeps. Mary Geneva has been on 999,999 of them. When she moved to Manhattan in her mid-20s, Mary imagined being single in New York City would be like something out of a Hollywood movie. And it was—a horror movie. Nicknames is a look at some of the most hopeless, horrendous, and frequently hilarious dates you can imagine. Mary shares her true-life adventures looking for Mr. Right in the treacherous New York dating scene. You’ll meet men so bizarre their names have been changed to protect the guilty. Our cast of characters includes: Crazy Eyes, who didn’t just resemble an escapee from the local mental hospital, but proved he probably belonged there; James Bond, the mysterious South African with the secret life; Germ Sperm, a guy so classy, he actually named himself Germ Sperm! And many, many, many more. Part memoir, part self-help book, Nicknames will have you laughing out loud… and possibly abstaining from dating forever.
Harlem’s Pisticci serves up authentic Italian fare, great cocktails, and a whole lot of ambience.
Oxido is brand new and already making waves in NYC.
Dish + Drink does Restaurant Week right.
PHOTOBLOG: ‘Gazing Globes’ sculpture exhibition adds to wintery scene in Madison Square Park.
The new app, Happy, allows users to drink on the cheap at participating bars in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Follow-Up Review: Consistency in freshness and overall good quality is mastered at Community Food & Juice.
This Italian-Sardinian spot owns up to its high ratings.
Great deals and a creative menu make Amigos stand out in the brunch crowd.
Outlier Week – Manhattan’s last natural forest stands at Inwood Hill Park.
The ‘dam offers bottomless brunch and a whole lot more.
This Morningside Heights Italian restaurant is the perfect neighborhood spot.
‘Subtext’ captures the beauty beneath removed subway ads.
This Peruvian spot is authentic, high quality, and down right superb.
Crema serves up some of the best Mexican brunch around (oh, and bottomless brunch cocktails).