Well folks, it’s been a fun ride. For nearly the past decade, I’ve been bringing you the best of the San Francisco Bay Area’s live music scene every month here on Bay Area Live. I’m sad to announce this is the final installment of this illustrious, groundbreaking program. Who better to send us off than the one and only Al Lover, master of psych drone and trippy ass beats? We’ll also hear a few tunes from LA-based Americana band Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light. It’s been fun, BTR fans. Cheers!
Quite a mix in today’s episode– brand new tracks meet tunes that are nearly 25 years old. We’ve got CJ Bolland for you, Jaydee, Joey Betram, Derrick May and others- many of them once part of the 80ies/ 90ies techno scene, and very successfully so. The dream of the 90ies is alive on Via Berlin today.
PHOTOBLOG: This week BTR went to see the Mike Kelley exhibition at Hauser & Wirth. This show featured an array of the late Los Angeles artist's work, namely his illuminated “City” sculptures and a sprawling installation that has never been exhibited before in the US.
Touring news this week from STS9 and Punch Brothers. Plus, Perpetual Groove is finally headed back in the studio to solidify their glorious reunion!
This week we speak with Jane Brown, editor of the new photo book Both Sides of Sunset. The book examines how photographers have documented the geography, landscape, architecture and people of Los Angeles.
We’ve digging into all live jams today! Got dibs on a medley from Keaton Simon’s residency in Los Angeles at The Hotel Cafe, featuring Robin DiMaggio and Alex Al. Catch him again this Saturday!
There’s a fresh slate of new highway signs to greet visitors as they wind along country roads into the state of Montana: pictures of lonesome mountains glazed with ice, tremulous elk with gazes fixed upon the horizon, and tumbleweeds rolling back and forth across the plains.