Los Angeles-based PYYRAMIDS is made up of OK Go’s Tim Nordwind and He Say She Say’s Drea Smith. Although they initially began their collaboration via email, sending scraps of music back and forth, their debut EP Human Beings comes together as a strong, 6-track collection of sad, dark synth-rock. Smith’s voice has an air of chill nonchalance mixed with a hypnotizing seductiveness, which complements Nordwind’s piercing riffs and the hauntingly pulsing beats in the background. Here they perform stripped down versions of some of those songs...
Introducing new artists this month like Whitney Wood, and playing some tunes from LA’s finest male singer/songwriters who are making their way to the Hotel Carolina music festival this weekend, including Keaton Simons with the radio premier of his song “Thrill Of It All!” Also, thanks to your requests, more music from Paul Chesne Band off his brand new album.
Los Angeles-based American Royalty is an energetic young trio that packs soul, synths and rock & roll swagger into a single neat package. On their single "Levrolution" (from the EP El Ardemo), watch out for harmonies that ooze blues, electronic beats that swell and surge, and classic guitar riffs that cut like a knife. It's a genre-bending tune soaked in infectious melodies.
How the Ford Amphitheatre in LA is fostering its local music scene, plus the best outdoor venues in the US.
More great moments from our Live Studio session with El Sportivo, including how his soulful, bluesy tracks came into being and what that led the singer to create a complete backstory for his musical persona. Hear "Understand the Dream" and "Clover." [youtube][/youtube]